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Gavels. Whoa this is kind of an extraordinary move by the legislature to really thumb. Their nose at the power of the executive and the governor. The biggest elected official in the state has called them into session and said take up this issue and they basically start. The session ended without doing the ASS. So the Republicans do not grant the Governor. His wish for male inbounding system right. I said why is it that Wisconsin has so quickly erupted into a really nasty partisan battle over something as seemingly basic as making sure people can vote safely in a primary election. I mean that was going to be an everyone's bipartisan interest. To protect life right I mean. Democrats and Republicans will be casting ballots. It would seem as if safe voting public health will be an issue in which partisanship would be left to the side and that Democrats and Republicans can agree on the best way to move forward but in Wisconsin. There is no issue in which that can be left aside. What we see is a state that has become so deeply rested by Republican control. That even something like SAF- voting turns into a month fast and for this governor for the Democratic governor. Tony that's been clear since the day he was elected..

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