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Garden last night, beating the Memphis Grizzlies 1 26 to 107. Jalen Brown had a career high 42 points on the night for the sea shooting 71% from the floor. Brown spoke after the game about his new role with the team this year. Personally for me being able to be in the new and different role with more responsibility I love Make sure I get you know other guys involved from my team nation and try to be the best leader I could possibly be. The Patriots had seven players missing from practice yesterday. They'll play the Jets on Sunday at one. And it's the end of an era in Boston sports. After 14 years with the organization's a Day No Ciara and the Boston Bruins will be parting ways. Ciara has signed a one year deal with the Washington Capitals. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio, does a 43 traffic and weather together, starting with a super retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. How's it going, Laurie? It's going pretty well for Steen out there, and I feel thrilled for people who are traveling in toward the downtown Boston area right now, because they have a good ride. Things were looking good on that lever connector down, wrapped the Tobin airport tunnels in fine shape, as well as the lower deck and the expressway north. And although it's carry lots of volume, people are kind of we'd go into their own pace and moving well in towards the city. Right now. A couple of things to watch out for the in Oxford, there is a crash. It is in the breakdown lane car versus a dear. Unfortunately, this is on the north bound side of 3 95. Live right by Sudden Avenue. Also getting word of a problem now in Chelmsford, south on 4 95. There's a car with a flat tire. It is in the breakdown lane. But keep an eye out for this right by a route. 1 10 Laurie granted that Levi's ease traffic on.

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