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That that's really important to have. On an event like that. Same with I gotta see Austin gun. I gotta see Billy Gunn son in the ring with just little moments like that. Marcos stunt guys, Marco, Jerry, you see Marco stunt. I hear Italy who. That battle Royal was one of the most fun battle royals, man. So fun such a disaster and I held a little meeting, you know, and I didn't get many guidelines, but we had a idea of what we wanted to have these moments. And I feel like not only did they hit the moments we wanted, they hit moments. We didn't know we wanted a Jordan. Grace fit right in man, just. Doesn't ask kicker in there. She did so great, but I got to watch those show. I did prior to mine I we were getting ready and then I did the the latter half of the show and. Yeah, I was a tomorrow. I think I'm just gonna watch it with actually mad Nick if they're not tired of wrestling at this point and. While you're watching, you're gonna, you're gonna be planning. There's an idea come out, we should do this better next time, or I still do that again. Whatever it may be. I said earlier for you got here, this is almost like an experiment. It was a, it was a calculated risk. Wrestling promoters have been playing the calculator risk card since I was a pup. A long. And they're going to continue to play calculator risk. The only thing it's not a calculator is now seven out wrestlemainia that's almost I don't know if you didn't have to name a match. Go sell tickets. So you hope that when the brand of all incomes back on your radar that you respond in kind even if you can't make it to that city or where maybe here? I don't know anything about that where if you can't make the live events and all the things going on, you can watch it on the five that that was a helluva deal. Anybody getting feedback on the fight half how that went. I I know it did real well. Number wise, some very happy, extremely extremely well. They had a number in mind from what I understand you guys beat that number by ten times. I'm not at liberty to give away the number, but there are a lot of heroes involved there. Is that Mike Weber Mike Weber from the fight the whole team. We had a discussion earlier in the week, and that's where you got the number, and then I was very pleased. That was actually the one of the only things feedback we got dinner last night was, here's hey, we know this this, this work that way. Yeah, man. Number. I right. A card. How do what did you think the mashes have we do. It's all about how we did right. We do listen. I'm proud of you a lot. You know that. And I told somebody earlier are crying here. I'm not gonna. Do I cried? Oh, yesterday it's okay. I feel your dad last night..

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