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How's it going guys. Jerry Lopes back here with you on the dead tired podcast. This has been an absolutely incredible week for dead tired <hes>. I can't even begin to explain how amazing this week has been. It's the launch for those of you who don't know it's been the launched of the DAD tired book which I have been working on really for the last two years and it's actually been arriving in people's hands and people seem to be really enjoying it which is always converging <hes> but man. It's just been huge. You guys support for those of you who've been longtime dad tired listeners at and bought the book and just sending me messages. It's just been honestly it's surreal. I don't know how else to describe it. Just absolutely absolutely surreal <hes> blown away man. I'm just I'm totally blown away. God has been good. He's already using it to draw hearts back to him. which is really that's all? I want me and I just want God to use this book as a way for men to find rest for their weary souls. We're tired DADS AND <HES> I'm tired. You're tired the reason you're listening to this episode because you're trying to figure out what it looks like to be a man who's chasing after God and some of Your Dad's somebody who oh aren't dads some of your just men who are listening just trying to be more faithful to Lord and regardless of where you're at like most of us were just tired retired men and so my goal is that this book would bring rest your soul and it seems like so far that it's doing that in many ways so thank you guys. If you haven't picked up a copy I would love for you to pick up a copy and I just hope that it encourages you <hes>. If you did not get an email about the cruise you didn't win. Unfortunately somebody won the cruise which is super excited. I'm excited for that guy to bring his wife to come on the data cruise but if you still want to come on the cruise you have a few weeks left. September the end of September our is when crews registration ends for that so definitely would love to have you guys come on the cruise but you've only got a couple of weeks left to sign up. You don't have to pay for the whole thing by the into September but you do need to sign up. Make your initial deposit by September. So if you want to go on the cruise you didn't win. We'd love to have you come on. <hes> definitely go to data DOT COM. Click the cruise tap so you can come join us on the cruise before registration ends on that and speaking of registration ending. We've got to conferences one in Ohio and a couple weeks and then one in Austin Texas in November and the one in Ohio is filling up like we already have more people signed up for that than we originally expected so if you're holding now now I definitely recommend that you get your tickets now before that one fills up <hes> so anyway. I'm super excited. Come you guys out in Ohio and spent some time with view over there before we dive in today's episode which by the way I've got a guest on today's named David he owns a company called Rhodesia peril <hes> but more than that like he's just a normal dude. He's a normal guy normal husband and WHO's trying to figure out what it looks like to fall in love with Jesus into live radically in his normal everyday life life and I really love that I'm like I wanNA start having more guys on the show that aren't necessarily authors or celebrities or professional athletes are whatever like they're just normal dudes who who are trying to figure out what does it look like for me to be a worker or try to own a little small business and to fall in love with Jesus more help my family fall in love Jesus more and <hes> so I think David May he's done a lot of things but more than like all the cool things he's done. I just love this heart as like a normal do- trying to follow after Lorne figure out ways to help kids kids do that. He's he's a young daddy's fairly newly married. <hes> you know he's not like super doesn't have tons of years under his belt when it comes to marriage but <hes> <hes> he's just trying to figure out what it looks like to be a dad and have young kids into fall Jesus. I love it. I think you guys are going to be encouraged by him. <hes> he's got some really cool perspective that is going to be helpful for you <hes> before we dive in today's episode though I do WanNa take my friends over at blankets for sponsoring this episode if you've never heard of bleakest. I really do like them. I think they're really cool APP. Most of us is young. DADS don't have time to sit down and to read a book and to learn <hes> although PS. I hope hope that you do find some time to sit down and read the entire book but to like sit down and read stacks of books is really hard. You always hear all these successful like CEOS. They read like thousands of books and and you like how do you. Where do you find time to do that. I'm a dad like working husband. I never have time to sit down and read so if you feel like that I wanNA learn. I WANNA learn more but I don't have the time to just sit down and read a book. <hes> blinking is going to help you. It's one of the most useful APPS that I have on my phone what they do is they've got a massive library thousands of nonfiction books which they condense down into the need to know information all the key takeaways <hes> that way you can either read it really quickly or you can listen to it really quickly. which is what I personally like to do? I like to listen on my commute or while doing the dishes or while. I'm cooking dinner. <hes> just try to bust out a book or two <hes> even daily. I'll I'll try to get through those <hes> just to keep my mind sharpy. Keep learning. They've got all kinds of book business books health books <hes> the kind of the be the bestsellers new titles. They've got a massive library. There's over eight million people who use news blankets so it's really it's a it's a it's a really really cool APP. I sincerely thank you guys are going to enjoy it. <hes> to the books that I just recently read I want to tell hey guys about one of them. <hes> actually reread it again. I read this book constantly. It's called start with why by Simon Sinek Simonson is one of my favorite authors his book in particular start with why I'll go back and listen to that blink is just kind of the key takeaway versions of that book often because I just find it to be so helpful. <hes> I use is that kind of language a lot on this podcast but also with some friends when I'm just talking to them about what it looks like to figure out how God has wired them for their purpose Simon Sinek. It's not necessarily Christian book but it's a very very good book on just how you are personally wired and <hes> y you do what you do. There's another one called emotional intelligence <hes> by Daniel Goldman which is another great book. If you haven't read those and you feel like you don't have time to read those <hes> jump on blankets and just <hes> you know listen to the condensed version. It's going to be helpful for you..

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