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Amount of brisket to serve one hundred people. Sort of like if you have the space right. Burrowing cool. We can fit a huge smoker outside and a bunch of all you need is that and sauce and chips or you have the room to do it is the real way like toss logs into thing. You really see like a big metal thing and clean great space. People who don't mind smoking can't be lined with. Yeah, can't be like a lifeguards knows. That's fuck, man. I'm so I just went to Texas with the Doboy us, not just this was like six months ago, but I had never been to Lockhart. Okay. When did I did those those three spots? They're Mueller's city. I forgot their name. It's Craig's or whatever. It's like some dudes. Isn't it something German, right? It's like, yes, yes, yes, right market. It's like a weird smell. Are you? Yeah, you're not positive how to say it, but that was some of the best barbecue. I've ever like the smokers, like on the floor and you walk in and it's like you're coughing. Immediately. Yeah, just always like, oh, this is just like a casino smellier casino is what I'm in. Yeah. The most amount of like amputee Korean war vets. I've ever seen in one place like it just felt like it was. Here. It was just like the oldest like the most old real dudes text because it's like a half. It's like forty minutes outside of Austin, and there's literally nothing else around, but these three barbecue spots. And there was just these, like all these old men and wheelchairs with like those hats that have a bunch of pins. And they were just fucking everyone was just drinking loan stars in eating house. Like, this is a, this is the place to go. There's something there's like barbecue places because there's such a like, you can look at the wall and know that it's like real because like, oh, it's it's weird Brown. Like has this vibe gimme a slice of white bread like a one's own in like a plate that drips and I'm ready to fucking go ham. That's that's like a lot of my mic speeds are similar that I would drive through barbecue on long trips through Texas and put it on the passenger seat. And then you have the white bread and I'd be like, give me like half a look. Like ethiopians. I just dip that a little bit and sauce and then into the mouth I did do. The day after Christmas this year. 'cause I was driving a car from Chicago to Los Angeles and the path you're supposed to take takes you through Nebraska, which I've done before, and I was like, there's no way I'm doing that. I'm driving who Kansas sit down. So I did a ten breakfast at Arthur Bryant's in eleven AM at its now Joe's but used to be Oklahoma jobs out of the gas station. Oh, yeah. Reginal location, location. It was very, I try to get to Wyoming from Kansas City in one day with a gut of barbecue. Fucking. Like I was going to bring two pounds of meat to a friend and only had a scant now. It was me you say. Oh, to someone else, I was going to our buddy Steven. That's fucking awesome. Let's let's talk about this barbecue sitting in front of us now because I'm getting legit like whatever the mouth version of horny is, is what I have right now. Yeah. Wait, I'm hard. One thing that we don't share a lot is taste. We like good restaurants. We like in together but are specific tastes are very different. Yeah, also much more of a when. It comes to barbecue stuff because I was raised with it. So I'm like, I'm not like that about anything else but about, I'm like, no, you don't put that. Fuck garlic powder. Get out. Do that to me last night with lacquer for one. Yeah. How about you? Don't put it on half of it and we'll see. We'll see which ones about our. So it's really fun that you guys cook that much together, which is a while because I mean you've done it to yourself. Yeah, the premise of your prison we've built. It's, yeah, it's great..

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