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Was Monday's news. Let's go, then to Sunday's game, right? We had maybe the game of the weekend, maybe the best zero zero ever. Her Chelsea Liverpool final to care about cup you saw on the STM plus Liverpool ends up winning on penalties. But Christian Pulisic, let's focus on Amy started and he played 74 minutes before giving way to Timo Werner. Perk on Twitter, you said he was, quote, very good in his 100th appearance for Chelsea, you care to expand on that very good. Yeah, very good except here he needs to put that away. He really needs to put that away from that distance. He hits it right into the goalkeeper. We see Kai Havertz the way he combines. Look, Christian Pulisic was everywhere, especially in transition. You can not convince me this man is not a big game player. Check the resume. That's who he is. The sofa score, which a lot of people like to look. That gives you a grade of one to ten. Actually had him the lowest Chelsea starter tied with Mason Mount, but that sounds harsh. I'm with you that he should have finished the first chance. But the run on that first chance on, that's the run of a confident player. How about this pass to Mason Mount? It could have been that unassisted. That should have been an assist. Yeah, we didn't see the earlier Mason Mount chance that Christian Pulisic himself set up. This is a sexy past left foot chipset over Mason Mount one B one with the goalkeeper. He's got to put that away off the post but that little sexy dink right there. And he always seems to show up against Liverpool. It's insane. Pulisic. With a very, very strong first half, maybe a little bit more quiet in the second half. That was one of the highlights, but still her. You got 74 minutes. I gotta say, I was kind of surprised when Thomas duke took him out towards the end of the match. There you see his numbers from Sunday as Chelsea failed to lift the care about cups..

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