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And it's emerged as a leader in innovative overdraft prevention solutions in the fintech world among other things the apple warned you before you overdraft offer you a cash advance with us. Now, Jason will the CEO and founder of Dave Jason thanks to come into line. Tell us more about this and how it's helping consumers with their banking. These days. Dave is actually the number one personal financial management in the country. How we thought that was a real need and in finance to both improve people's banking experience and improve on everything else. It was out there in ecosystem, and we found that abs- like mint were doing a good job for middle to high income, folks. But for people that really wanted to have a simple budget and really were concerned with all the Bill they're about to encourage I'll paycheck date. There was nothing out there like that same with our Bank. I mean, it was very frustrating to open up our Bank apps and find that the Bank of my what chase for thirty years, and they know about and expensive yet. They don't tell me about any of those things. And so we really built Dave to be this financial forecast. What's about to happen to your account, and that's been incredibly helpful for people to avoid over Jesse es and take control of their their financial health. Do you have a crystal ball? How does it work? How do you? How do you make those predictions? It's pretty cool. Basically, you connect the checking any checking account the US we support fourteen thousand different banks and within one one minute or able to look at your cash transactions and determine a forecast for you. And so we'll tell you about your typical Uber expenses your subscription like Netflix. All of the above. And you you can customize it as well to to your liking. So we can I got a prediction myself for for pizza every week by Tuesday, and you can put in a big company expenses, well, TV and everything kind of factors into your balance paycheck. All right. And if you do go over there's some help there too. That's right. So if you're at risk of over drafting, we found that you know, it's just these twenty dollar purchases that are triggering thirty billion dollars overdraft fees per year by the big banks. And so we we wanted to build a product that will just sort of get people back to zero puts them some extra money in their account. And so we created essentially as smallest cash advance or raise events in the country. Up to seventy five dollars putting your account to help you with a fee and for younger users. That's that's the life saving when it comes to just getting cast or groceries are things that are doing shut off. And they don't get hit with these forty dollars fees just to go by is simple as a Cup of coffee. All right. And I understand you got the attention of one of the sharks from shark tank, right? Tell us about that. That's right. Yeah. Mark Cuban actually on our directors, which is kind of a rare thing and to take seat. He's an incredibly valuable for the company, and especially with his experience, which are tank, you know, young it's such a popular show for younger people that, you know, they've they've you tend to be very funny Dhabi. And so to have his Mark on the company has been really very broad the CEO David Jason will. Thank you very much for being with us here this weekend. Coming up a big event for small business in Los Angeles. We'll talk about it with the audible, Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles. We'll talk about the state of business in Los Angeles more straight ahead on Motech on money. This is southern California's only twenty four hour local news traffic station can extend seventy NewsRadio. Good evening. I'm John Stevens. More Motech on money is coming right up at first. Let's take a look at our top stories at eight thirty. It was the most heart wrenching sight. He's ever seen those words from a rabbi of a synagogue in Powell a day after a deadly attack was carried out on the last day of Passover. He lost a finger in the attack. But he also lost a dear friend, rabbi Israel, Goldstein says Laurie K who was killed. When shots rang out inside the synagogue was a pioneer member of his congregation and a kind human being who didn't deserve to die. The last one to see her at to be with her. But I do know that this is Lori. This is her like see an air legacy will continue as for the suspect Goldstein says he can't wrap his mind around what the man is accused of doing the nineteen year old teenager death city. The sickness the the the hatred of to publicize such semitism fest, though, how does it come to do what he did? He says he refuses to let hatred win and promises the Jewish community in power will stand together and come back even stronger in the wake of this tragedy in Powell Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio and event that was planned at the holocaust museum in L A before the shooting empower takes on added significance. Teach the lessons, the painful lessons from our pass, the executive director, the holocaust museum of Los Angeles and tells Canucks many of the members of the museum had direct connections with the congregation powei. She says the despicable event reemphasize is the need to never forget. What happened not only eighty years ago? But in other tragedies and holocaust. Of, you know, the dangers of intolerance and dividing people and other in those around us, you know, that is what is so important to those who say they weren't involved in the past. And we need to move on. I tell them that you know, they're naive. We can't move on without learning the lessons from our past. She says we must continue to honor those who were killed in those who survived. Bob Brill can't extend seventy NewsRadio Manson follower, Leslie Van Houten. Could go free could be decided by a panel of judges. Or by governor Gavin Newsom last year governor Jerry Brown reversed a decision by the state parole board to grant parole for Leslie Van Houten, the former Manson follower convicted in nineteen sixty nine stabbing deaths of Leno and Rosemary labianca she's appealing to reverse Brown's decision. But a panel of state appellate. Judges didn't make a ruling that's because current governor Gavin Newsom has until may fifteenth to make his own decision inmates are parole every week with much worse crimes than this that the thing is keeping her behind bars. There's no question about it is Manson and her involvement with that. Then hounds attorney rich Pfeiffer the panel of appellate judges saying they need more time to make a final decision. Governor newsome's decision next month if he potentially grants freedom. Makes the case for Van Houten of appeal. A moot point in downtown, Los Angeles, Craig Vigdor, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. There's been more than forty percent increase in the number of homeless people counted across Orange County compared to two years ago. Officials say is because the new count is much more accurate. There are thousands of homeless people living in that county. Supervisor Lisa Bartlett says the good news is that more than twice as many homeless people are in shelters now as compared with two years ago when a short term basis, we we definitely need more shelter beds. But looking towards the long term the ultimate solution for solving homelessness is permanent supportive housing with wraparound services and that is our ultimate goal. She says new numbers won't change any strategies to help the homeless. We have traffic.

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