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I can give back scenes, but I need to be vaccinated. So I'll be safe and doing so. I would think so right? Why would absolutely registered nurse not have been vaccinated? Yeah, it does. Doesn't make any sense. I number is 1 808 4 Ray W A. B c two rich in I slip your turn to be heard here. W. ABC, Richie Rich. Yeah, I'm gonna spend my 15 seconds up. Next need India to me. And that's sports and the stones. The shoes that this evil eyes Cuomo, King Rama to second has by going to that Buffalo Bill gave an opening up for fans when I couldn't go see a met game in 90 degree weather in the sunshine, all the vitamin dates. It is sickening, and I'm so upset about it. But no, he was wearing his father's shoes. He says He was his father's shoes each day, Mario, I doubt that sincerely. Anyway, Let's go to Jews. Step calling from New York your turn to be heard he had a baby. She chew Zepp. That case last Christmas I gave radio my heart. But the very next day I gave it away this year are listening and Are you just playing Juliet are in the top 10 and No, actually, actually, What about wounded by a very good job anyway, Let's go back to the phones. It's day from New York your turn to be heard here. W A. B C. Dave. Yes, Curtis does Juliette Curtis says, you know, this is the guy who calls them says the juice juice, Cicely. Well, but this time we're gonna end it with a big A man or a man And all of you say, do seriously watch Okay, E try to remember I'm in, Amen said by Jews so happy said by Christians, by the way, some guy going down Queens Boulevard today when we were outside of the umbrella hotel with the first killing of the new year took place across from Queensboro, who was screaming. Juice, the juice, juice for juice. It's juice. The Jesus. It's in an internal Jews for sweet Watch. You said No. No juice for cheating. He was one of these Jews for Jesus guys. He had me spend it anyway. Let's go toe Wally in New York your turn to be heard he had w. ABC, Wiley Carter's You were hinting at similarities between you and George Washington. Listen, there's only one man in our lifetime that even comes close altogether. Now, Juliet, go Buchanan. Go beep. In the beginning. It's hard to do that so hard. That's a tongue twister. You can't go. You can't go. You can't do it. It's like very tongue, Twister judge watching it had to do with our dental conditions. That was it and boy did he have dental conditions? Anyway, Let's go to Abby and Queens. Your turn to be heard here. W. ABC, Abby Yes, a little heavy. I'm Annie in New York. Okay on my own. I'll give you I'll give you an extra five seconds for that. You're OK. Why? Nice Winey, Psycho baby, A K a Grifter in chief. Please go away far, far away, preferably to Russia. I've had it with you. Good bye. Yeah, that's well, That's a place he probably would be pretty safe because he has been so sweet to flatter Putin. Anyway, Let's go to Larry in the Bronx. Your turn to be heard he had w A B C. Larry Frankie Russo needs that guy view lawyer Lindsay Young to do the weather him. I'm waking up screaming out the 800 number. Hello, Kalamazoo. A Listen folks buy in the sense of where you let Steve from Manhattan on. If I went to ABC, the big cat would give me the building. Uh, light, Lindsay. You know, he still does weather forecasts. In fact, Frank Murano, the other side of midnight that you can hear now and extended our 126126 every early morning before Bernama gherkin Shit. Rosenberg comes on. Actually was interviewing him. I think he's out in Wyoming, doing whether I'm not quite sure. It was a great great interview, though You need to listen to that show. Let's go to juice apples calling from New York your turn to be heard he had W. ABC, Joey Hello? Yes. Hey, Curtis say doing this one, said he got a great show that you would have an unbelievably with better show. We didn't have that heat of that. Would you know when that hate Let's go to Jerry Use calling. Okay, you'll get your wish. Someday. Let's go to Jerry, Who's calling from new Charity? Your turn to be hurt. He had w A B C chair. Hi. I recall a couple of weeks ago You mentioned that New York Times did not cover the Holocaust. The truth is, they did. They did a lot worse, though. What they did was they knew the story and they buried it in the in the back pages Now, Jerry, I don't believe that was us. I do believe that was Mark Levin, who consistently talks about that. Because Phil's Byrd Junior, I think is resigned. That's the publisher. I think he's still on the board. But There's no shows burgers any longer, I think directly calling the shots there. We didn't discuss that. I don't remember doing that. But live in. I was discussing Obama Gate. I mean, That's something that will live in talks about a lot. Yeah, I mean, but you know when I report reporting reporting, Yeah, maybe talk about the trump tape. Let's go to Duke, Who's calling from Queens? Your turn to be heard here, WNBC, Duke. Not to say no to Queens. This is a levee aboard with from New York and I want to stay happy in the weather and your to everybody except my husband, Alex. Critical jerk, and she doesn't even know his name is Alec. Not even Alex. Gosh, Gloria, what is she called? She called him. Alex there. Mm. Anyway, let's go to Bob calling from Long Island. Welcome to the rapid fire addition here. W A B C. Bobby. Hey, at 2021, my two friends and just to let everybody know Jeffrey Epstein is.

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