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Then they have. The perfect replica displayed in the home. In some cases so I've also heard stories about people that have Jewelry so by like a you know the biz diamonds and went out on the street. They have the perfect replica. Made of moisten. I or something. So there's this interesting difference between like the value in these things. I think is your relationship to the thing not necessarily the thing. If that makes sense you can with an nfc or digital file. You can clone one hundred thousand times and put it everywhere and honestly maybe that makes it more valuable to the collector because so many people can you can fund the work of an artist. You believe in. Show it to everybody but you still get that. I own this thing. I am i am the you know the Someone that he made an amazing comparison yesterday like renaissance era patronage patronage. So you can fund one like there's one patron and one artist and you can fund their entire career but the difference is everybody gets to see their work people a building to your point about virtual reality. The guy that won the people auction for sixty nine million commissioned an architect to build a museum in virtual reality to display that work so he bought an now. You can go and strap your vr headset on. Walk around this museum. He had commissioned to go and see that work. So it's it's fascinating moving incredibly fast. Let's talk about you because you jumped in on it right. A lot of people would have seen. Nfc's like oh that's the future. Oh that's exciting but there's very few people that would be like even. I don't understand the theory him. I'm going to jump into this space. So how did you do that. Yeah so what was i. I've been hearing about it. We have a community of a couple thousand people who into all sorts of things technology so of crypto enthusiasts in the law technologists and. I've been getting messages over the last six months or so like. Oh you should token is this thing or you should look into what theory can do. More small contracts could do for stuff within the product. So maybe you issue. A token and people like earn tokens for completing modules in the education products and things of that nature. I sounds good. But it's like honestly super clunky so like user experience wise one. i don't feel like. I have the expertise to implement it and really understand it and to i think because you know we have technically less literate. People join our community all the time. Is that like way too way too. High of a barrier to entry so on my radar long time ago. And then i started to look at the platforms where digital art was being auctioned for the most part. It was like there was incredibly. All these crypto native products are generally very complex or they feel very complex because engineers designed them or people that have been really native to the space of design. They're amazing but for like the mass market. They're incredibly difficult to use. So i think the real catalyst was starting to see a couple of the Platforms arrive that way. More user friendly and that fell more consistent with the bride the simplicity of the work. And i think well i just had a friend introduce me to the guy that runs a an app called foundation..

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