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Brodie remember the last time I went to the bathroom. And the ALFALFA show Elvis Duran in the morning show so I'm really digging that meet stick with just eight right. I got a little bit between the teeth. Some meat stick between. Thanks normally I have flaws sticks and I don't have any flaw stick. So this is killing me. Having a meek stick but during your teeth chimerical elvis all about froggy froggy. You're very intrigued with my homosexuality. I think you should explore that a little more. I tried to get you know. Listen you told me before that you didn't want to do anything with me before the because you're my brother I don't I don't want to go that with weird where I come from. That's normal but you're not from North Carolina. Okay so apologies to everyone from North Carolina polluting anyway. Uncle Johnny has a cocktail on the way. Also we have to say goodbye to Anita. She is just an important part of our family. As soon as you can get in here bring legitimacy probably walk in as long as it's legit music. Scary this go around the room producer. Sam What's on in your mind today now my around the room actually is about Anita and it's a reminder just to do good things for people whenever you're able when I was coming in for my interview for the internship turn ship. I got myself so lost that I was far on the other side of the city terrible direction and I called the general number for help and Anita was the person to pick up he. She didn't know me and she stayed on the phone with me the entire time until she made sure I knew where I was going. It must have been a seven minute conversation and I came in and I thank turn turn. She's probably a large part of the reason. I'm even here today. I'll never forget that I love you so much. Thank you for being amazing to a stranger. what's on your mind wind today scary two things first of all happy birthday to my mother. Roseanne scary invents in Brooklyn. I love you mom. Mommy and secondly I didn't. I can't believe that I'm the last person. Listen to know that. Why corn corn flakes were invented? Google these words why were cornflakes invented Dr Kellogg years ago set up an institution itution health institution upstate New York and not only was it meant to help people cleanse their systems in their bowels and their intestines from impurities go fuck cornflakes would do that but also They thought that would stop people from masturbating. Yeah I do it while eating my cornflakes to me rev me up it is restored. There's actually a movie out about it starring What's his Matthew Broderick? Yes I don't want to hand jam if you know what I'm saying. Thank you okay. But there's it's supposed to make you stop correct and the more they don't have the.

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