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Not going to change i i just call them a fly on the wall. They're going to be a witness to history instead of making it. So do you think they'll they'll stay in existence. Because i mean they they do have at least. I'm perceived a role. Although i mean i hear them talk about hear people talking about compliance i l i mean there's an really i'm much compliance on anything anymore. Is there no no they. As i said in the piece again they they will continue to do eligibility they will continue to do enforcement. You know not not well. Some people believe but they throw a heck of a party every march. And you know that they do that. Well they distribute the money from that Everybody loves march madness Could could the president's decide to break away the power five and do their own tournament they could but it would be a heavy lift. And there's really no no need to do it right now. Football is essentially broken away the college football playoffs and autonomy legislation. Basically seeing to that. That's already happened but the the ncaa will exist for those reasons but it won't be big brother anymore again. It'll be a as to what's going on and won't have any say when that first big deal comes and some player gets a car And i hope. I want to put this out there right now. I hope when the president's ratified is tomorrow that they hold a press conference. I think they they. Oh the public.

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