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For fear of an insider plot to disrupt the inauguration boxes. Mike Tobin, the area around the capital, secured nearly two weeks after the deadly attack their elsewhere in D, C and major sections of the city. All the stores, the businesses, the hotels, they are boarded up with plywood as if people are getting ready for a storm. Instead, owners are worried that their windows they're gonna get smashed. They're trying to keep them safe. Ordinarily, Inauguration week is a real boom, especially for restaurants. They say they could make two or three times the average each night. Fox is Steve Kerrigan the day before he's sworn in the president elect will take part in the memorial for those who die. Oh, no virus was 400,000. Now in the U. S. Fox is time to J powers has more live Take. The ceremony, hosted by President Elect Joe Biden's inaugural committee will feature 400 Lights and the first ever lighting around the Lincoln Memorial, reflecting pool in Washington, D. C. That's one light for every 1000 Americans lost a covert 19. Cities and towns across the country are being asked to join illuminating buildings and light amber color ringing church bells at 5 30 Eastern time today in a national moment of unity and remembrance landmarks like the Empire State Building in Seattle Space Needle among those to be lived, Dave I'm telling you, the president wants to change travel policies to lift restrictions next Tuesday, people flying here from Brazil, the UK in Europe, But a president elect Biden spokesperson says they won't implement that at a time of surging covert cases just come as the CDC said this week that starting on the 26, all incoming passengers to the United States will be required to show a negative coronavirus test before entering. That's Fox is Trey Yingst. America's Listening box feels it is 602 and Good Morning and Patrick Osborne. This news is brought you by Pella. Austen calm topping Austin's news. Hospitalizations back above 600 Travis County Austin Public Health, says 602 people with covert or hospitalized today 176 in the ICU, but that I see you, number has not changed from a day ago. Number of active cases fallen by about 275 over the past day to just over 6000 right now, in total 61,468 cases confirmed with almost 55,000 recoveries. More vaccine hubs have been added to Central Texas by the state. This week. Austin Mayor Steve Others hopeful the governor will do something soon to speed up the rollout, he tells CBS Austin. Getting more distribution hubs is a start, but it's far from enough. We're back stating as many people in our in our community is, the state will give us supply of vaccine family emergency room and Williams and County and UT Dell Medical School. The two new hubs They join Austin Public Health, which has been hubs into the rollout began. The Texas Department of State Health Services says the fives or vaccine shipment that was expected to arrive yesterday has been delayed snagging the federal levels being blamed here. Instead, the shipment should be arriving today, but state officials say 55 providers have likely been affected by this delay. His county judge Ruben Sierra, echoing the frustration expressed by other city and county leaders over the communication from the state about the vaccine rollout. Hays County will get its first shipment this week. But Sarah says the state hasn't communicated well. He's not even sure the exact number of doses that will arrive and we don't know if and when we'll get more. We are truly in the dark, like the rest of the community. It is believed that Hayes can you get just under 3000 doses. But, he says, until the vaccines are officially in the county's possession, the online registration portal to get vaccinated will not be turned on. And former Travis County Judge and current state Senator Sarah Eckhardt is pushing a gun control measure aimed at protesters under Senate Bill 3 11 carrying a gun within 500 Ft of a demonstration of protest would become a criminal offenses they've passed. It would take effect on September 1st of this year. However, it's highly unlikely a proposal such as that would pass muster in the Legislature this year. 604. Now let's get you looking. Austin's on time traffic with Don Prior. You're looking good out there right now, folks on your big roads. I'm just seeing a slick streets. That's about the only issue if you're heading out on your morning commute right now, I'm not seeing any rex or backups of any significance on 35 more pack 3 60 to 91 831 30 looking everywhere, Looking good Don prayer with Austin's On time Traffic today. Occasional.

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