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Be talking about the best foods the best supplements and the best lifestyle habits that will help your skin age gracefully I am Cassie, Wenas registered and licensed dietitian and joining me, to co host today's show is Caroline Hudson who's also a registered and licensed dietitian so with that Hello Carolyn it's good to be back on the air. With you ask good morning good morning tall you listeners you know, dishing up nutrition is brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness. Company specializing in helping people follow a real food. Eating plan for long term health and wellbeing and it's true? That eating real, food really does. Help you age gracefully, while on the other hand that sugar and process carbs and my goodness those bad fats? Are often the cause of wrinkles. In, know as you reach for that. Cookie or maybe that morning Muffin or a brownie, or caramel raw do you realize that another wrinkle may just be waiting to appear In here and I would say oh no I don't want any wrinkles and I know you don't want to hear it but when you each sugar, you're actually making wrinkles so true sugar is one of the many habits that can lead to too many wrinkles and let's think about some other. Daily habits because, the, wrinkles, you're seeing in the mirror could have more to do. With. Some of. Your daily, habits. Than you, think maybe you have. A habit of gardening or working in the yard without a hat or maybe in the past like me you laid outside most every day in the, summer to get that great tan oh yeah growing up on the lake I didn't even realize that, I was out in the sun every day, eight we didn't realize that I mean that's a good point we didn't realize it was bad or I had a lot of friends that went to the. Tanning salon regularly back in the day to get that perfect tan Like we said we didn't. Realize how bad it was, for us then but. Hopefully today all of you listening understand how damaging those habits were to our skin back. In the day maybe we thought it made us look more beautiful or or younger or more healthy but let's think about what was really happening whether it was every. Day in the sun in the summertime or regularly going to the tanning bed we, were causing chronic damage and, actually chronic, sun damage is one of the most common causes of wrinkles now I get. It as. A teenager you most likely. Were not aware that the countless hours in the sun could result in wrinkles. Today but it's the. Truth so, the more you can. Stay out of the sun the, more you're going to decrease your chance of.

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