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The Ann Arbor area. You can also weigh game. So there's a lot of places to go watch. But we're big fans of the pretzel bell. They've got a terrific food. The crunchy bird chicken sandwich. There are blue burger really like that. They've got the MAC and cheese that you guys were part of your competition a year ago or so lots of local brews on tap. The soft pretzel to start your meal or the Carmel pretzel to finish your meal is always a good way to go to. They've got TV's on every wall upstairs in the restaurant and downstairs in the sports bar. So no matter where you're sitting. You're going to have a good spot to watch the game. And it's the best place in downtown at Arbor to watch the game with follow Michigan fans, the the environment in there. I certainly during a lot of the big games is raucous good time with for quite a few dance fraternity games. I went there for the for the Villanova game. Earlier this year big time. Crowds Watson Michigan fans to high five and sing the victors with if you can't be at the game you want to be watching the game with fellow wolverines. And that's the place to do it. You can learn more by going through the process belt dot com. You can also, you know, go see them, obviously on the corner of main street and liberty in downtown in Arbor. We haven't really talked too much about that game tonight. We talk some Michigan state. But certainly I think everybody is wondering is this the game or Michigan breaks out of their shooting slump got to think, no? I mean on the road, you know, tough tough atmosphere. I think this is very much a survival game for them, you know, I- Indiana's desperate as can be. I did report today there could be out to rotation players Doron Davis. And devante green. Second third off the bench kinda guys, but Indiana's talented enough, and especially with some some home a home crowd. That's that's full and passionate like that. I think there's a. I think there's a very good chance of an upset. I might even predicted. I'm looking at the numbers seems like Indiana. Although they've lost the, you know, the. They've lost five straight before of them have been on the road and one of them against Nebraska, given the nature. I think they'd only had like a day or two off. I think it was kind of a schedule loss as well. So, you know, they're good. They're not they're not as good as Michigan. But I think at home, you know, especially if Michigan's kind of in this funk, I think Michigan their goal should be just find a way to survive because I think this win is gonna look good at the end of the year and looking one win better. Obviously always looks good. Yeah. I mean 'cause Indiana, they're not a great, man. They don't match up that well against Michigan. But they know what's coming and I wrote about this as well. Agee birthday is in Jordan pool teams are garden him a lot tighter now. And and sure enough over the last three games they've averaged a combined seventeen points, whereas when they play Villanova, North Carolina and Purdue. Each of them combined over I mean, they combined for thirty five points. So they're scoring has been cut in half by northwestern. Wisconsin Minnesota good good defensive teams. But also teams that know what's coming now. And so I think a, you know, Christiane talks about the day. It's that's the next step is how do you? What do you do when you're a marked, man? What do you do when you're circled? I on the scouting report because they were both first year starters think they snuck up on Nove snuck up on UNC snuck up on Purdue not a total sneak, but it's not like during pool did much against those three exact teams last year. So they weren't necessarily looking at him as the guy who could drop twenty points on them. And they certainly weren't looking at stake is the someone who dropped twenty points on them. So it's. What they do what they do. Now. The teams are expecting that comic performance is telling certainly helps John is having a nice game. But having a nice little run here offensively. But yeah, they're going to have to. I don't I don't expect their shoot it. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't expect. They're shooting to come alive. I think it's going to have to be their defense. I think you're going to play their best defensive game in over a month. If they want to win this one. Well, I don't know. I don't know that they're. Yeah. I'm not sure if the three point shooting will be there. But if they can what was the number the other day thirteen to twenty two on labs or fifteen of twenty five thirteen of twenty five thirteen of twenty five on layups. I mean, shoot fifty percent and layups is pretty bad. Yeah. I mean atrocious. So generally speaking. And that's a good point, Indiana. They they have Jon Morgan. He's good. They don't have that triumph fights whatever word that was meant to be of Jordan Murphy him for it. Maybe Daniel Otaru, and Amir Coffey mean all those guys are six seven with wingspan who loved to play some post defense. So you're right. It is a different. It's probably a better matchup for Michigan than past two games. I would say so they can convert seventy percent of their layups eighty percent of their lay ups and get to the basket is consistently as they did the other day. I would have been fourteen more points, if they converted eighty out of and fourteen more points against Minnesota one thing to keep an eye on and talked about this. I didn't quite fit into a story. So, but he mentioned he doesn't like what they're doing in the fast break and what he means by that is Michigan. If you look at how they beat Nova in North Carolina. And Purdue a lot of it was like force a turnover scorn, easy bucket on the other end, easiest two point swing or four point swing that they can get but against Minnesota, and Wisconsin, they got chased down. And so be line. He watched the film and he saw. Basically what's happening with Michigan is they don't think they're going to get chased down. It's not like they dog at once. They have the ball. But it's kind of like when you unaware when you when you're in the outfield, and there's a pop up and you have to go run to get it. You don't run with your hand up with your glove up? You know, looking at the ball the whole time. No you tuck and run you don't look for a little while. And then when you think it's closer than you look at so wait what he seeing is the team is like looking for the ball right away. When really if not like this was us eight and use a specific player like say Charles Matthews gets a steal and say Jordan pools already looking for the ball. What if he just tucked in ran, and maybe Charles Mathews can meet him closer to the basket. And he's a couple steps ahead of his defender. I mean, it's it's really the little things like that can be worth six to eight points. And if you think about like that Minnesota game if they are up twenty Minnesota probably doesn't make that comeback or they don't come close because they're up by so many. Points. Think about Wisconsin. There was a moment. Think about midway fifty minutes to go in the game in my personal opinion. It felt like Michigan was on the verge of running away. But those little fast breaks that turned into turnovers are turned into MRs. It's like if you can make those two pointers or easy buckets. You can kind of create some space that Michigan Senate great job creating space past two games. They have not. And I think a lot of it some there's a lot going on. But it's not just missing shots. There's all these elements the different angles the different timing of things because you wanna make your shots easiest possible. And there's nothing easier than a fast break layup. No, there's not you, and I could score fastbreak layoffs in game cry that is a true statements. There's not many of those true statements. So yes, certainly, certainly we'll see tonight six thirty pm again, you can hear it here on one or two point nine in the area. If you wanna catch it, and we'll be talking about it on Monday. Michigan state Purdue is on Sunday. The Pro Bowl is on Sunday, which we can't wait to get into that. Or do, you know come back to our original topic for today? And we were is there. Anything more pointless? I did get a couple more responses on that one. Someone sat me Thursday Olympic sports, and I apologize, but there's like speed walking. Yeah. Oh, you never seen that. I haven't really stressful. I've seen it before. Yeah. It just looks like a bunch of people trying to rush to the bathroom without having to go there. They'll they'll beat people's five. Kate nyc run times, really, yeah. Like, you can look up the times it is not like you. And I walking it is a real thing. But it's really annoying to watch. Because it's like you just want them to run. It's kind of like watching the did you ever play into polo when you're at Michigan innertube water polo. No, I don't think so. Yeah. So it's an IM sport. You I don't know if they even have it anymore because we should call that a sport. It might be. I am recreational activity. If you're an inner tube. Our are you sitting in the in the in the inner tube where you like up in your arms and enter to you have to you have to your body. Has to be in the two that's a total different than what I was thinking. But go ahead. Okay. So yeah. But basically, it's like this really stressful thing to watch like playing it's fine. It's like kind of it's kind of a goofy sport. But. It's really annoying to watch. Because it's just like just get out and swim. You know? It's just it's just not like when you when there's like that on forced barrier. Like you're choosing to walk instead of just running. It's like, it's it's a little tough to watch. I bet there's it's pretty hard to judge to because the difference between speed walking and being into a job though. They have a big rule book and it serious. I mean, it's I understand. I mean, I've seen some of it. But how about this one? The final day of the tour de France is is pointless, and I actually agree because I think the winners chosen before the final day in the final days just kind of like a victory lap. So I would agree with that one one response. Michigan Ohio state games, we know the outcome. That's funny. I like that. Someone says the Major League Soccer. I don't agree with that in the same vein is the why are you hate not entire leagues? Just because you don't like the sport. Yeah. It's not one thing. 'cause this question is pointless Raya celebration Edwards is amazing. Atlanta. Thanks. Any event held in Columbus, Ohio. Yeah. I can get on that one a little bit. That's from Buckeye hater what a great name as what life to live to. I one person put curling again. I think I think there's a this. Because you don't want to watch. It doesn't mean that it's pointless Olympic curling. Because I I don't watch soccer I understand. Although I got beef with all of you who act like you have someone motions tied at some English Premier League team. But that's beside the point don't get Zack on this rant police. But I don't watch it. But I understand that there's a point to it. You know, I understand like, you know, if you're if that's your team, you know, like, I think I think our point is like, which which event just shouldn't exist. Right in a sport that you like, maybe that's the way to phrase it like. Like, you know. I don't know. I pro bowls really like the one. I know. It's the perfect penalizes a something that we don't need to see at all. Exist. There's no point. Does anyone who do you root for like the the right?.

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