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Is a shortage of birds caves he is blaming its new delivery partner dhl a doping charge has been levelled against a man who won a bronze medal at the winter olympics in curling abc's amy rohbock says the guy is an olympic athlete from russia he won bronze in the mixed doubles event and a spokesman for the iowa say says a failed doping tests by a russian athlete could keep that countries banda team from being reinstated and marching under the national flag at the closing ceremony the curler is accused of using a drug to increase blood flow if the doping case against him is confirmed will be the second of the games in south korea the first was a japanese short track speed skater who tested positive for a banned diuretic traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center of fridge in lanes in london will on the 405 mirko voted in gudauta woodforde referred to clear that there were to the shoulder in the meantime your finger very tough right we've been carson from the one phone that up it had more foreign from century of throughout the 103 way up on slow through westerly slows them instead of kabua work you've up howard he's parkway heavy right continues once and northants libelling sought though it for the 105 to about stadia waved segel is on the one on one cellphone so it was with hills to the soto to the one thirty four them again from santa monica boulevard over to the 110 silver jumped up there for trying to get into central many about north five is going to slow down hello jimbo sobeih onto a full gives canyon road stays very heavy all the way to community history it also trouble on the ten freeway if you're heading through ontario westbound side rip were fourth at a crash in the culpable lane traffic have you come at a wanda and even before that west on side of the 10 some slowing at a more palm springs from just about twenty nine ponts highway not stays pretty slow all the way over to highland springs avenue kfi in this guy husky either faster time jaylen this hour hours brought to you by american vision windows unmarried lane

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