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Chattanooga's is tom. Hanks i use like chad is out of the well. You're you're getting nothing. Ry wilson very nicely like your dad alone deserves so much better than you know every day. Like the guy's got to wake up and realize that you're his son plumber. I know that's other twitter. Oh a little bit was worse. They have family and they say. Make sure you don't tell your brother. I said this before. It's funny when they ask on hank's about his brother in interviews and he just kind of laughs inside and then very nice about it. Not playing the gathering golos so where he should be emceeing. Stevo you got. Yeah fair enough times. I'm so mad that i kind of liked his saw. Like i hate myself kind of like. I just didn't i didn't hate it. Played it. i'm like oh damn it. It's not terrible. It is great. How great said certified fire. Yeah that's immediately got on the radar. Show the latest in entertainment and sports as far as rabies concern. Something that's actually ran levine's other than chat hangs marvel show dropping on disney plus today. What if based on the animated comic series what if it has a percent on rotten tomatoes showdown the yesterday he did. Yeah so the egg is in the white socks laying on the field of dreams field in iowa tomorrow and guy fieri taking them to flavor town. I don't know about this one. You guys thing. I mean it sounds pretty gross. Yeah it is it sounds off. It's a dog apple pie so it's a mash up. They said because there's nothing like jamming together to timeless american conditions. Say menace. i understand what you're thinking. Salting sweet yet but like so a lot of times when they announced something my cradle. Sedaka whatever pizza. It's not his people. Get like the idea of tomato sauce and mozzarella and cross and everything else. But no really. It's just like a desert went with chocolate drizzle instead of the tomato sauce. And there's no geez something else apples in this thing this tool hot dog. It's a hot dogs. Apple pie smothered guys homemade bacon. Jam and apple filling placed inside a rectangular shaped pie crust. Sort of like a pop tart with a hotdog in the middle with apple mustard brown sugar and apple pie. Spice who's the one who know who's loves the slice of cheese on the apple pie that rabi. It's not uncommon for him really similar to that guy calls it a funky throwback snap. What are we throwing back. When did we have this in the past. Maybe throw up. Throw back okay. That's for sure. Let's just try it and see how okay. Yeah you make it up like leg guy and we'll see if we go to flavor town so you think chad hanks is a moron. This is crecy in full effect. There's a vocal group of anti vaccine who've co opted. The will smith zombie movie. Two thousand seven. I am legend loudly. Saying it was a vaccine that caused the mutant plague in that movie and therefore they will not be getting the real life vaccine right. This is big enough and loud enough that the new york times just wrote a big article about instead screenwriter of i am legend akiva goldsman working from the nine hundred fifty four novel. Hotdogs funky throwback snack akiva said. Oh my god it's a movie. I made that up. It's not real and according to the movie which is easily verifiable by watching. It can see that what caused this. Zombie outbreak was a genetically engineered measles virus that they thought could treat cancer and ended up pretty much wiping out. The world of humanity just Just the same thing Reuters even publish. The fact check refuting ascertains. Suggesting of vaccine was the cause after anti vaccine started spreading this. I am legend narrative in one. Thousand hundred you're going to youtube for doctors on you I am lacking looking for real life real life direction being very helpful eight. Oh five texting over more vaccine indoctrination. Oh good dude. You want to associate with the likes of chad. Hanks these i an idiot. It's free usurper fun. I want to associate with my brother-in-law it's in great. They just aren't the same places. Fifteen year old daughter does. Is that embarrassing. But like he's like the manager right. He's the boss nepotism any higher right. I'm not really sure. If he's the manager both work at a pizza place say goldensohn goldman sachs or something. Mayo clinic now. No but a hardcore conspiracy guy man. It wears by wife out like a team. I am legend team for sure. So we know. The president obama had to take back several invitations for his sixtieth birthday party over the weekend. You're invited now. you're not invited. We yesterday the emmys announced that they are taken back invitations. As well limiting the number of nominees who will be allowed to attend on september nineteenth. Scaling back the ticketed attendees meaning nominated teams of three or more. You can bring four in. That's it so you know. Sometimes like if ted lhasa for example wins best comedy which it probably will. There's like twenty eight. Yeah now it can only before. Yeah and the said they're not going to pick and choose here. Ted lasso years your four decide who can go To the emmys. So this will pretty much of scrubs go because they just pulled names out of this will affect the shows that have twenty or more nominations like ted lhasa. The mandatory delorean wanda vision. The crown shows like that. The emmys are also being moved. Outdoors are going to happen in this big outdoor space near staple center in la four per nomination name see. I'm saying so that that way you know who's ever involved in that particular Aspect of it. If it's a writing thing. I still be big. That obama party thing people try to make a big deal about that. You guys think that was a big deal and he had his party now. I don't like what they're saying. It was outdoors. Okay so and everybody either had a vaccination or a negative test so they say wouldn't anybody else in this room do the same thing i've been gone to it this party or gathering last like some kind of wedding or something awful. That's different indoors outdoors. I'd be trying to tent outdoors. That's if that counted is outdoor. Dining me again. If i got the invite i'm going eric. Eric do is the only one that was able to sneak into cellphone. Get the get some footage. I think it was like steven spielberg and tom. Hanks really the only two white people that got every time they would mention the guest list. It was like you know Beyond saying jay z and john legend and chrissy teigen and there. And.

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