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Eight would have been eighty nine. I went to a wrestling match in Fort Worth one time when we're dentist, construction work. I was going to college working for Yossi iron medal of Muskogee. Down there, getting airplane parts of salvageable parts metal and things. So we went to wrestling matches and they had a big loser, leave town match that night. We got there early. For it was luck the clamp. It's just going to. We've got to win the cement pond for awhile and went over to the wrestling crashland. And so I remember the matches at Bob Morton in on. He may have been wearing masks, I'm not sure remember he was in it because. He lost the luge leave town match. And as we were leaving. Good, our car. We saw him in the back area getting into a vehicle that had a U-Haul trailer attached to it. So somehow some way he had a permission that he might not get his hand raise that night. Good night, fun threats matches. You know, fifty cent beer last former tough enough contestant and Lucia, undergrounds he release fill is she's all time favorites. I think she's a an untapped ju. She's tough. She's physical, she's sexy. She knows how to work. She can work any skill level and be good evily keeper. Ricky Morton one half the rock and roll express hall of Famer sixty two years old, still wrestling and one of the great baby faces all time and nobody could sell until a store of their face and her body English better than Ricky Morton. He in steamboat Rick. Steamboat were in a league of their own and the guys today, we're just simply look and see how they sell and they sell them levels. They sell them degrees. They might get the selling thing down little bit better, I think might be wrong. I think too many young wrestlers believe that selling is a sign of weakness. In their character. Session by saying, I wouldn't mind doing it, but my character wouldn't do it. And also on Friday, the late Jack Brisco would have been seventy seven. I can tell you this conclusively, at least in my mind's eye. In the history of pro wrestling? No, amateur, that was a great, amateur, Jack, was a great, amateur. He was national champion at Oklahoma state became a better pro than Jack Brisco from the amateurs and going transitioning into the pros. He was the best and I just have so much respect from. I did a when my heart's refereeing career was in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and I refereed a sixty minute draw between Danny Hodge, Oklahoma university, and Jack Brisco Oklahoma state, and they had fun in that match and it wasn't all wouldn't about away. It was really good wrestling. And so two very special athletes my life about got to do that. So sure what's Jack still around Godangoda BI. He's a man's man boy on Saturday. Bob. Before four Lutherans, forty, seven and the lovely congenial only Anderson will be seventy six. I wish only many more birthdays he's been dealt kind of that ham the s. and he still got that spirit. Man, he's a, he's a classic holy Anderson seventy six on Saturday at Birkdale a main it on Sunday, Matt, Harvey, forty, four. A father will next will also still be forty four. That's neither here there. So mess. Forty, four, they say is going to come WW, producer, heavenly out, matches and produce matches, and things of that nature should help each other. He's being added to the coaching staff are. So we are led to believe, if so, it's a good move. Both of the former w tag team of the heartthrobs were born on this day Antonio, forty, two. There's some Sunday and Romeo thirty eight. And by the way Romeo was once a WWE allow any turn never know where it's going to go, right? He was also Yankees manager, Joe Girardi personal trainer. Joe is with the Yankees, and now he is a nationally acclaim, Cisco trainer and also TV and film actor good career, and he's got a podcast now. I'm gonna try to guess sooner than later..

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