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Know, how this works? You know, the drill by now will Chamberlain had Bill. Russell superman has kryptonite President Trump has Robert Muller or Twitter and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Have the Jacksonville Jaguars last year? It was Jacksonville over Pittsburgh twice in Pittsburgh, including knocking out of the playoffs. Today. The two teams met in Jacksonville. And boy the Jaguars need this ball game in the middle of a long losing streak five in a row they came out and they played well against the Steelers who had won five straight data sixteen nothing lead two minutes to go in the third quarter of this game. Until Ben Rothlisberger. Brought his team Senator. He gets the snap. You look CPAP. Surveys throws for the end zone. Leaping effort. That is a touchdown. Is Donald in the end zone. Yards. He beat tells it Smith with a leaping effort Bill Hillgrove, the call. Why don't you? WBZ in the Steelers radio network. Oh, you've got yourself a ballgame again at sixteen to thirteen and the Steelers were still coming. They were moving downfield rothlisburger threw a touchdown pass to James Connor sought bounce off his hands. However later on with an opportunity once again to get into the end zone dental office burger was picked off would have been the fourth of the game except Jacksonville committed a penalty they committed another defensive penalty, and they gave rothlisburger in the closing seconds. A chance to punch it in. Ben gets the snap rolls. Right. He looks. He runs. Touchdown. By a whisker. He gets into the end zone for what turns out to be the game winning score. Steelers win over Jacksonville. Twenty two sixteen now for Pittsburgh, daddy's six in a row seven two and one Mark on the ear Rothlisberger three hundred fourteen yards and three interceptions. He's been picked off by Jacksonville nine times in his last three games. Doesn't matter here. The Steelers walk out with a win. You can't get more deflating at a loss for the Jaguars lake. Bortles goes one hundred and four yards. Leonard fournette had a touchdown in this game. The Jacksonville loses. Once again at six in a row, they are now three and seven beginning of the Lamar.

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