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Several rare containers filled with methamphetamine falling from the sky I'm Claudio pesky tell without store those stories coming up in the next fifteen minutes what first for fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives with Lestat and I want to thank a tipster for reminding me that something's going on there and there's a poll to pass and this is on the north bound side of the four or five all lanes or stops before Ventura Boulevard as a matter of fact the traffic break is being run from Skirball center and this is for a conch doubt tanker truck it's one of those long tanker trucks that's a trailer on the on the semi and it stuck in the middle lane just waiting on either a mechanic or a tow truck and and it could be until five thirty before they can even get get to move this thing so that I may want to make your alternates right now Mulholland drive a looks pretty good across to Beverly Glen and back down that way or Sapulpa Boulevard that would be a great alternatives well the ads I go Sapulpa to get to their around this and then down to the won a one and Ventura Boulevard so the southbound side you're open northbound side not so much to start to stack up already as you can imagine Sapulpa Boulevard would be the best way to get over the hill right now you can get up there to mall and that I would get off their Skirball center and then takes a Paul that up down to Ventura Boulevard or the four or five or the one on one and then the in Castaic on temple in highway a car driving south down on the north down the left lane so just hopefully that is gone and also we have a full closure for a couple of them found valley four five north shut down mate warning to magnolia and America over the fifteen south a shut down of the lamb and I bridge next report is coming up at four twenty five I'm just hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio pretty average week shaping up for us temperatures stay around normal we'll call it mid may be upper sixties for the entire week pretty much everywhere was southern California's most accurate and dependable forecast time CBS to scarf cap can extend seventy newsradio bulletin a fifty five south gate at forty seven in the sank money fifty three and in Canoga park south fifty three and four seventy their new warnings about the potential danger of legal marijuana the stuff that's regulated by the state can be very potent almost too much so the level of THC.

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