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Gonna take you all the way until nine o'clock. Secondly, our too, because we didn't complete first hour but seven o'clock hour now upon us here in the mountain time zone. I know we got people listening Coast to coast for a jeep checks in from New York. And obviously plenty folks on the West Coast like Bill in L. A. It took some calls. Callie from Arizona. So Jump onboard 3037138585 these text going so far. The only Texas from Ryan And we need a little more liveliness. And I'm gonna get these tweets going as well because somebody needs to win $50 in Colorado Lottery Scratch off tickets. Marcus Martinez, You're right. Martinez one last week. Tweet at me at me, que Denver sports tweet at a rod as well at anything around 33 K away Colorado for the tweet of the week winning tweet of the day. We'll get a shot or not get a shot. Get a shot to become a millionaire, Depending which chicken to get but $50 worth of scratch off tickets. We got to Rapid city, South Dakota, Speaking of the rapids, your Colorado Rapids. Are down in the second half to nil in Minnesota as their playoff run may be short lived here because it's one and done at this point of the MLS playoff, so we will go to Rapid city, South Dakota. Joe Hang right there first. Want to take a quick break? Not even a break. 10 seconds for station identification is you're listening. Here all up and down the K away. Broncos radio network. Okay, away, Dude Radio 8:50, A.m. and 94 1, FL The Voice of Colorado. Okay. Now we will hop.

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