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It's it can definitely changed the game we've seen it for the steelers over the years it can completely change your game but all right this next one from mike spencer if you if you could go back to your first year of scouting or covering the draft and fix your biggest mistake from what year would it be he says his would be not having calvin pryor as a top ten player ooh that's a good one i'm trying to find i remember my first year my first year be are would have been two thousand twelve i guess so mattress richards i mean that that's the one i really wish i could change i think a lot of people in the nfl tell you the same thing but but do you think that trent changed as a player when he got to the end without a doubt that thing like it doesn't mean the evaluation was wrong yeah it just it changed yeah i mean he got hurt and then he gained weight and just had a lot of stuff going on off the field the one that like to be and i've told this story before but two thousand twelve at the combine at will i at the senior bowl spin everyday with the russell wilson then we go to the combine and i got to go to all his private workouts where you know like warming up the night before he was gonna throw on the field i had an end with his trainers they were i was twenty five years old or whatever they loved me so it was hey come tag along and i spent so much time with russ that year and i kept telling his agents is trainers like man if he were six to he would be my number two quarterback in the draft and hopefully those guys still like me enough that they would vote for me because like i it was it was just he was so amazing but he's my height and i just kept saying that there's no way there's no way and so i.

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