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Dr Mr Complete is this teaching on the book of Deuteronomy Chapter Thirty One and thirty two the one that fascinates me. We talk about this several times through here. The Rock that was smitten in the Wilderness holderness. Do you remember this happened twice. The first time was an exodus. Seventeen people are without water. Moses spreads about got hasn't take his staff strike the rock and the water comes in they had living water and that's all very exciting well later on in numbers twenty. The same situation situation occurs there. The the the people need the dry. They're thirsty they need water. And God says to Moses Speak Speak to the rock by now Moses is so frustrated with these people and we're GonNa read that I think about that later in here in Moses doesn't handle it the way God instructed in fact he strikes the rock a second time he wasn't supposed to he's supposed to speak to and but many commentators potatoes point out. What part of what was going on here was Moses was missing miscommunicated to the People God was not angry with them? Moses was and because Moses was the people would infer that God was mad. And God's upset about being misrepresented that's what the second commandment is all out actual not take the name of the Lord in vain not take the authority the ambassador ship of our God upon you with vacuum vacuous business and now it's interesting. In First Corinthians pretenders four Paul gives us an insight. He says that rock speaking of the Rock. The Watering Motors was Christ..

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