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Trump's own press team is confused about a week ago, the team put out a statement suggesting that the president would sign it. When it got to his desk still hasn't been done traffic and weather together here on the Big one. No accidents reported right now. No highway delays here in Cincinnati now the latest forecast from the advanced industry whether sinner advanced industry would like to say thanks. It's an honor to serve our community during this time and always visit no fear, Dennis dot coms more clowns throughout Sunday temperatures will still hover near 50 degrees this afternoon. Expect winds sustained around 15 MPH when Gus could reach 30 by the afternoon hours from severe weather Station on nine first warning. Meteorologist Alston Winfield news radio 700 wlw Sunny skies 34 degrees right now, if you're heading out the door After taking Christmas off the Tri states. Covert 19 reports have been updated. Kentucky governor Andy Bashir says the positivity rate continues to drop now, slightly above 8%. But it had dropped below eight on Christmas Day Christmas Eve saw more than 2700 new cases with a near record high 53 new deaths. Christmas Day There were more than 1800 new cases and Saturday just 764. Ohio reported more than 11,000 new cases combined for Christmas Day and Saturday with 20 new deaths over the two day period. Indiana reporting nearly 3900 new cases for Saturday with 30 New deaths I met Reese News radio 700. W. Well, w well, the chances are slim. But I'll tell you anyway, the winning Powerball ticket was sold in southwest Kentucky. It's only worth $2 million because the player didn't match the Powerball. If they had, they would have gotten $341 million. Ouch anyway. Still, two million is a good haul that tickets sold in Princeton, Kentucky. So check your Powerball tickets. Princeton in Kentucky is the population of about 7000 people. Well, just before Christmas,.

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