Southern Baptist Church, Reverend Barber, Barbara discussed on PBS NewsHour - Rev. William Barber is building a new moral movement to reach people on race


Poor black people and black people in general so obvious was in the southern baptist church in a son downtown until 1980 three there was a sign of our town the told black people they weren't welcome there after the sun went down i've read that you call yourself a racist i didn't know obvious racist but riven barbara helped me see that i was racist and more importantly that my racism was getting in the way of loving jesus which is what i really wanted to do we'll send heart growth i heard reverend barbary some twenty years ago at a meeting called by the north carolina governor reverend barber delivered a motivational speech to a gathering of young people wilson heart grove was moved back what barbara said and begin to understand how racism had been used as a tool to divide growing up poor wilson heart growth had never before realized what he had in common with poor black people we were taught to believe that there were people who were poor because they chose to be poor and and that narrative kept us from seeing the way that our religion was being used to pit us against other people reverend barbara has even taken his message into appalachia and up to mitchell county north carolina governor cao north of our is a place where nineteen twenty all the black people were run out over the accusation of a black man raping a white one is ninety seven percent white seventy seven percent republican wary but undeterred reverend barbara seized on the invitation of this oral heights church in winning and talk to ma'am as for about an hour and i said listen.

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