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Hawford from Judas priest cannot believe he's sixty seven years. Old we've been hanging out together now for over forty. Years Oh my goodness yeah I saw. Rob when he was young young man gene Simmons turning sixty seven. Been hanging out with him since I was a kid Wow. It's, it's amazing. How, they grow and they still do the same things. They were doing when they were young and I can't do anything I was doing Gene, Simmons all things considered as age really really. Well he has except for. The hair curly hair bugs. Me, when he's not. In makeup and it's not you. Know. Has the bun on top of his head his hair just bothers me it's all over the place yeah just it looks it looks like it's not real Yeah he's a. Plastic surgery to you think so Right him and him in And did it yeah Stories that front row for kiss, without makeup at Freeman Coliseum and actually did not have, tickets for front row but two seats on the end of the front row, on the far left there were. Just sitting there empty so I made. My way down there I was standing on top of a chair and Shannon tweed was in. Front of me backstage she was almost the same height as I was. Standing, on. A chair oh wow girl is. Tall I was checking and high heel boots, now our heels from not very big girls tall very good looking to person, she is extremely attractive but yeah. So kids without makeup in Shannon Shannon. Tweed amaze me how tall she was an Elvis Costello turning sixty four and Billy Ray Cyrus. Man we do we thank him or do we blame him for Miley. A, little. Bit of both Creator but then he. Kind of, created the monster after that right, you know I think she's really rebounded she's back with Liam and you know I think she's not, quite. Indulging and. Marijuana as much as she is and that's why we haven't heard from her seriously All right coming up at seven. Ten wwl news director Jim Foreside his first commentary of. The. Morning seven, forty we'll check in with. Their national news correspondent Michael Bauer get, the latest on Hawaii and the latest with Trump but.

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