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I'm with you on that. Let's get to the most squeamish part mike of hard knocks. That was antonio brown's feet. I haven't thought about feet this much since daniel day-lewis in my left foot but when antonio antonio brown lure looks the cameras you guys wanna see him and he took his socks off. I mean i hope you really weren't eating popcorn on the couch because like those things he'd have been burnt like it was like an an extra layer skin was peeling off and it was like cows don't like that. No one of this guy can't move that wellard cure like abbott a pedicure. I mean seriously variously and you know to me when i looked at it. I obviously it must bother him because he's a tough kid but the thing i find interesting about the antonio brown situation is the trainer is handling antonio brown. Now the raiders have the greatest trainer of all time rod mar- martin is the greatest trader of all time. He's one of the best i've ever worked with in my life. He's incredible. We'll he's good on the players. He's demanding to the players. He's really good and so when john hammer having that interaction like john's trying to to get information from h rod through antonio brown's trainer like this. We're not basketball. Fellas like that ain't what we do right. We're not basketball. It's it's like. I don't know what to tell you like you. Can't you can't have your own trainer like you can't have your own trainer. Brady has his own guy that stretches them but when he needs something medically he goes to the training room and but that divides the team it really does. I thought that was interesting especially telling a._b. Like those first clubs who was like. I know you wanna aired aired out yep. I here's your time here's this it makes a position which already feels like a pre madonna the stereotype of the wide receiver and makes him look even more isolated right even more a part of the the team..

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