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Of the news sponsored by pacific coast termite santa clara county sheriff laurie smith appears headed for a surprise of runoff election as kcbs as mad bigler reports smith is facing a challenge from her former second in command with forty one percent of ballots counted sheriff laurie smith has about forty five percent of the vote her challenger former undersheriff john hero coa has around thirty percent last night here college told reporters slightly they'll be a one off in november majority of the voters have cast their ballots are indicating they want change smith has faced a string of controversies in recent years including hunger strikes by prisoners at the main jail sexual harassment allegations and the beating death of inmate michael tyree at the hands of three correctional deputies but smith tells kpi x five she took swift action against those prison guards we arrested them within a week of the incident smith is not dealt with a runoff since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when she was elected and later became the first female sheriff in california in san jose matt bigler kcbs california voters have recalled to politicians we had state senator josh neumann in southern california who was targeted for his vote on that gas tax measure and in santa clara county judge recalled as a result of the sentence he handed down in a closely watched sexual assault case kcbs reporter mike cogan with more santa clara county superior court judge aaron persky was the target of a recall campaign as a result of a six months sentence he gave former stanford swimmer brock turner that campaign which was led by stanford law professor michelle daba got close to sixty percent vote here in santa clara county we have sent a message sexual violence and violence against women and sexual harassment is a voting issue we are going to vote on it and i think we started to see the beginning of that with the alabama senate race and now we're seeing it again here in santa clara county cindy hendrickson who's been a prosecutor here for twenty three years was elected to serve the remainder of judge persky term the silicon valley bureau mike colgan kcbs and.

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