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At stand by your man released in January of nineteen sixty nine Tammy Wynette's stand by your man was her fourth studio album its title track topped the country singles chart her fifth single to do so it proved to be our most successful song in one of those recorded songs and all of country music it said the song only took fifteen minutes to rise in line it was criticized by people who claim the lyrics or anti feminist religion T. hi HM on P. M. O. X. cable it's news time is now six fifty let's go to Roger branded the steeple traffic center find out what he's keeping his eye on right now Roger yes these are sort of floating around the area Michael's traffic reports to serve the Penn mutual life insurance company look at a two seventy Manchester traffic seems to be opening up as it approaches the major was a stall out there briefly but I'm not seeing blocking right now however northbound to seventy it's slow from fifty five up to about forty four but it's a solid backup stuff from almost forty four middle of protein forty four really up to Manchester on northbound to seventy westbound on highway two seventy or she's me westbound seventy up to seventy there's an incident report in the left lane just a very spring fall down there looks like a stall I guess I'm not seeing any real big delays at this point there's more volume of course on the spot seventy couple pockets around lake Saint Louis right around here used to seventy nine it's slow and there's a heavier volume from some ballot to the plaintiff originality spent seventy seven sixty one foot hill down to once a park weekend it's slower sixty four from seventy to the Boulevard then again when you've got a little bit of a delay it's a little busy again at the interval Westmont fifty four west ham to sing a little bit more slow traffic around there northbound fifty five looks great forty four you avoid delays both directions to that works only get a lane shift east bound the Germans elected branches off to the right pretty quickly and there's no on ramp now that all member schools from Jefferson to get onto eastbound forty four fifty five seventy near exchange and for S. sixty four near bought some heavy pockets headed for the poplar street bridge as well times are always changing but Penn mutual stand the test of time the one hundred and seventy two years young mutual company really the way life insurance ask your dependent visor or call six three six five three zero band at six three six five three zero seven three six six next update six fifty eight from Stiefel traffic center cloudy dreary low clouds patchy fog rain or drizzle throughout the day even into tonight we could see a thunderstorm this evening are high today of fifty overnight low of thirty five tomorrow's high just forty four with rain in places we could see some snow showers arriving by tomorrow night it's just misty right now in downtown Saint Louis St forty five.

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