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The fallout from president trump's tariffs and china's counter tariffs which formerly went into effect on friday we'll have the greatest impact on the us counties that voted mr trump into office the us tariffs on china will initially hit about thirty four billion dollars of goods with plans in place to raise that total to fifty billion more on the fallout from wall street journal reporter josh zoom brin josh what have you found this looked at kind of county by county across the entire united states where are industries that are gonna get hit by the tariffs that china has just put into place in response to the tariffs that trump initiated and so we have kind of a map here that shows the kind of really detailed geography of how these character are hitting and what you see when you look at it the extent to which this trade war is really playing out in the american heartland i mean the places that are really going to take the economic kit from this are really going to be places the great plains where they produce so much of the crops that's us exports the industrial midwest where they kind of export you know a lot of cars and other machinery and then it's going to be kind of the energy states texas dakota in those states where the us has become a big oil producer kind of the regions that really stick out as being hit by and what does this mean politically if anything right now well it's hard to say i mean for one thing a lot of the places being hit are the places that were kind of the most in in donald trump's corner you know you're talking about places like the dakotas in nebraska and kansas went the president had a very solid majority i mean good most part beaver not state the kind of in danger of losing you know these are very safe republican states that are mostly being brunt of it so i if if someone is looking at fish and thinking thinking that maybe it means there's an opportunity for democrats that's probably not the right take away from this map okay so it's not like even necessarily he's getting a pass at this point this is just i think some i think some voters are properly getting a pass you certainly hear from some voters that they're willing to give you know they want they want the president to have a shot to try this strategy i mean certainly in places that you know were kind of very strong trump counties you're going to be more likely to hear that sentiment all right so if there's going to be pushed back i guess when does it begin well i mean we'll find out in november i mean that's when voters have the chance to let it be known if they're happier not you know voters really uh that's their opportunity is going to be the november elections that's when wall that's for sure we might see some things in polling but but really until people vote we're speaking with wall street journal reporter and he's written a piece entitled chinese tariffs hit trump counties harder what else do you think will take away from here i think i read one point since the economy is on decent footing it might take longer for some of these tariff impacts to hit yeah that's absolutely right i mean when this started the economy was really roaring i mean you know if you think about this if you think about this trade words something that's doing a little bit of damage to the economy but on the other hand economy that's been growing for nine years now has really got not feed tax cuts last year that are you know choosing some businesses that some consumers especially wealthy consumers there's a lot of strength in the economy right now from those factors and so you know that means just kind of an offset for this trade war staff and so right now if you look at your role economy is still looks pretty it's still looks pretty decent and so it's probably going to be a while before you start thinking about this trade war kind of key driver of what's going on in the economy so is there a belief then that some of these farmers are manufacturers feel that this let's call it a fight this fight with china's something that was needed because of fair practices and they're the administration that's certainly the case that the.

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