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Hey, guys, it's your host station. So if you're listening to the classical classroom podcast, it's legacy that you're aware that there is a world of classical music out there in that. It's got something to do with these guys Bach Beethoven Brahms. Most of it was written a really long time ago. All that good stuff. And you may have wondered how on earth that music is related to this more avant-garde experimental world of music out there that also calls itself classical like Philip glass in John cage. Well in this episode cellist, Ashley Bathgate explains that link and she kind of gives a primer on what's going on in the new classical music world, and what is kind of lending to the world of classical music as a whole. I learned a ton by talking to Ashley it was really fun. And I hope you learn a lot too. I think you will when you do when you're like, oh my God. It's like I've gotten a free education because. You have make sure you go on over to I tunes or wherever you listen. And you subscribe to rate and review the show makes a whole lot of difference for us, and it takes like, two seconds. I mean, come on. Okay. And now a word from our sponsor. This episode of classical classroom is sponsored by maestro classics visit muster classics dot com today to take advantage of their cyber Monday sale all CDs with twenty four page activity books. Regularly price at sixteen ninety eight are on sale for only nine ninety eight and include free shipping. You can also get the maestro classics twelve CD box set an excellent gift for the holidays for only eighty nine ninety five visit Maestra classics dot com today and give the gift of classical music this holiday season, not a bad idea. All right now on with the show..

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