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Right in it and if we decide to expand just a little bit what we consider to be kind of interest in the room i mean you raise the point jeremy about political conventions the mississippi freedom democratic party in mid 1960s was trying to break its way into what was basically a close political process to them right their interests were not represented by southern democrats he certainly be limping represented by what was perceived to be the establishment democrats from even from the north and so there was a way in which i think of the expansion of that political parties ability to represent the constituents of the south was exactly about this very power of who gets to craft the legislation that determines the allocations of basic rights and citizenship and so i'm happy to say at least that the memory of the civil rights era provide some cautionary tale i think for what's going on now in the senate but i think we should also be very clear and careful about describing what we're seeing a somehow being unprecedented there's a long history of disenfranchisement in people being excluded that a chasing us from accepting this as the kind of new status quo you may now both leave the room we're going to deal with some secrets at a nathan coddle and joanne friedman oregon's and co has the weekly podcast backstory thank you so much as always thanks for having us this here and now podcast is sponsored by sip procuder making it quick and easy to find quality candidates instantly post your job to over one hundred job sites including social media networks like facebook and twitter all with a single click plus get access to over six million resumes select screen and rate candidates with ziprecruiter is easy to use dashboard and find the right higher fast find out why ziprecruiter has been used by fortune one hundred companies and thousands of small and medium sized businesses get started for free today at ziprecruiter dot com slash here.

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