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Let's let's jump to marquette driven value of his signing and the hint more than a hint that you know he's got he's not necessarily done yet thought they sort of overplayed that being a question on everyone's mind like i mean i like mark henry and i like his career and i respect him but i'm not sure that everybody watching it's like oh my god i hope our wrestles again please. Tony asset. That question of a. Tony asked it like it was the forefront of everyone's mind but nevertheless more henry having having a match comeback. Where do you see so comment on how he came across in pro but expand on on the outside of that go. Where is he a good fit in terms of if he does wrestle again. Do you say hey. Put him against kenny and a paper put him against kenny in a title match on a on a tv show or is it more. Try to shut up. Kip sabian type. Who's just obnoxious or somewhere in between You first on this one on that. I think what they don't staying has been kind of benchmark for you do with the legend too to get them over to a new crowd Or elapse fan audience and You know with a new talent to someone like that. Or if you're going to have someone like a powerhouse. Hobbs who is presumably still going to be a heel character if you have him mark henry and you've kind of a battle of strongmen match worth a hobbs going over. I think that can help build that him as younger talent. You know i see something like that With you know what you're saying in between there on You know episodes of dynamite here and there where he takes out the you know peter avalon and it works his way up to brother and then maybe you know you've moves away if there and then lose the you know that's that's strategy. I would see if he's going to have a little series here but i I do think the the question that tone is asking was with some Marketing to try and get people. I guess to talk about it. So hey work. Yup i told you that yeah. I think that's also kind of the obvious question. That people are thinking too is because mark. Henry comes in here and he looks like he's lost a ton of weight. He looks in really good shape. Looks reenergized You know and so we'll we'll see what kind of his role is that. he's gonna play on rampage. i mean. I know that they've described it as kind of like a special analyst so i don't think that he's going to be a regular commentator You know from week to week so he might be in some sort of backstage role I know that he's described it as kind of like a a coaching role. So i i know that he might do some producer type stuff so he does provide a tremendous amount of value there Being this veteran guy that people really respect But then as far as coming into the ring i think there's a wide variety of different options that you could go with and i think you guys outlined quite a few of that where you could go with Just you know an antagonistic. He'll that he just wants to beat up. So maybe you can do a special for one of their abor views or you could even make kind of a a main. Our semi main for one of their other shows Just just haven't beat somebody up. You could also do something powerhouse. Hobbs where it's kind of the power strength. You could do something with even miro if you wanted to. On provided he stayed he stays he'll So i think there's a variety of different things that you can do with them. But i'll be interested to see what he does on rampage going forward. Let's let's switch to another topic here and cover the inner circle Celebration of their victory. We had The the crowd sink peak enthusiasm for the night. Perhaps certainly candidate with singing jericho song. Although it is interesting how it's a little more muted compared to the paid staff at ringside but there are still scattered scattered people who are into it and scattered people who are But it feels a little more a little more a realistic. I'm everybody really got a chance to talk. Joel what you think of this segment as it was just before the midshow point where you know before there's gonna be some drop off in viewership this late at night and i like emphasizing pay per views a week. Afterwards i think it reinforces your decision to buy the event because it feels important. It's not just moved on. Don't even think about yesterday. Thank you for your money. But that didn't count like this. This is big deal. We're we're together. Everyone got a chance to speak what worked didn't work in this segment for you. Yeah i mean that there is like you mentioned that. There's a lot of things. I did didn't like on the show but this was really a continuation are almost like a resolution to what happened on Double or nothing that it wasn't like a total pivot going a bunch of other directions. But i really liked this promo because it solidified me that keeping the inner circle together was the right decision. You know. I didn't think that there was much of a likelihood that they would break this team up but still you know they were really going hard at it like it was going to be their last time together. But i had serious questions about it. Because i felt like it would leave a lot of the members kind of lost on the roster that i didn't think that Now is the good time to just split off. Sammy guevara and kind of beyond his own and figure it out but by everybody having a little bit mike time in this and really getting some time to shine and show where they've come Since dynamite debuted in the inner circle got together You could see that sammy. Guevara is being moved into a bigger position within the group. That chris. Jericho was pointing to him as the reason why they won The stadium stampede match you know and in not and santana also get their chance to shine and same with jaeger where everybody just kind of seems to be falling into their place into what their role is within the inner circle and this sets up a lot more matches coming forward you know. We had the big two matches with the war games and the stadium stampede. And jericho close off you know by emphasizing that he still has a lot of unfinished business especially one on one against mj up. So i it sets it up nicely where now instead of just seeing the big group Against group matches that each can kinda split off and do their own things against the pinnacle. A tell how do you feel about that. I have mixed feelings because part of me was kind of looking forward to seeing members of both factions against infringed. Matchups is there. Is there more to be had. And hey bring it on. Let's at least fill up till mid july or whatever when we things kind of kick in to All out and hopefully they shift gears from there And so hey we got five six weeks here. We can do some other things with some singles match ups tocqueville tv time. But then let's move on or is that too much or is that not enough and you actually think no jericho empty off. That could be one of the headlines at all out and you're excited about it so talking about the segment also just the fact that they let us know. We're not done with inner circle and pinnacle. It's just going to be singles matches or tag matches pro. Yeah i i share similar concerns. You do so the segment itself. I thought the tone of the promo was really good..

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