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Thomas who has been demonized and scapegoated by everyone and correctly so is now no longer there so the fingers got a point somewhere and it feels like it's starting to point at thai lou so what just happen we saw the new cavs click sensationally at boston and click sensationally at oklahoma city than they had to take a week off and they came home and they clunker in they claimed at home against washington team without john wall and then against the spurs team without kwahi leonard and without monuc ginobili in just for the record they were up twelve on the wall lists wizards that was with 519 left in the second quarter and from that point ford they lost the rest of that game seventy seven to fifty eight that's in the king's powell's in then sunday they lost the fourth quarter in the king's palace thirty four to twenty thirty four to twenty and again i don't read my responses on twitter but i always like to look at what's trending in after the game jeff green was training and i thought what's that about clicked on jeff green just to see what the reaction was and the fingers were being pointed and the calls for firing were aimed at tied lou for playing jeff green much of the fourth quarter and keeping jeff green because they had no other choice on lamarcus aldridge who torched him and then for a while torched liver on because neither is big enough to play lamarcus aldridge when he is on with that turnaround jump shot so all of a sudden everybody's after thai lou in it dawned on me tie lose going to be in trouble unless when kevin love does comeback he's been a classic scapegoat to within that franchise in the confines of the cavaliers so he'll come back and what a couple more weeks merson so maybe some or someone we pointed ultimately back at kevin love eye on pity him when he comes back but the point is.

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