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Mac os jason can you remind me mojave mojave mojave mahaffey mo jive dock mode i played around moved up mode a little bit on a stephen hackett had a mojave installed on on a drive and try to out and i like it more than i than i thought i would when they were showing up in the demo it just it didn't work for me but i like it more impulsive and i wonder what you about dogg mode i i'm looking forward to seeing it i'm glad that apple finally has has offered at my complain about the dark menu bar was that it felt like they wanted to do dark mode and they just couldn't and so they said well you can make a dark menu bar and i thought that was dumb so now that there's a proper dark mode i'll try it out i actually i like the idea of having my system kick into dark mode at night when my room is presumably darker yeah and and and the bright white windows on my screen are are more prevalent but also there's a question of how you you want apps to support this right like right now i have a bunch of white background black text windows up on my display and if i go into dark mode and none of them adapt that's dumb and that's one of the things is that developers will need to build with the latest k to get dot mode is not gonna to magically apply to old apps presumably because develop is gonna find a minute this text i forgot to use a system color so you're gonna get black ticks on black background how much blacker could it be none yet like we were playing around vi chins in though some apple music promos that you couldn't read the text off which was hilarious because they just basically images in johnson.

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