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Creek dot com today while the starters are the usual starters curry thompson durant green and zaza where the injuries are happening are the guys out tonight is happening is off the bench you're going to see some interesting rotation shaun livingston out personal reasons jordan bell still two more weeks it was announced today with that left ankle andrei igad allah old and jordan and uh there's one more outlets i've i've got to run no but to anyway coins eagle cummings film no there was another one anyway uh untorn jameson i don't think so there but definitely livingston and he could al they haven't had bell for awhile but you're talking about on a foil goodbee could be but you're talking about some different rotations right you talked about guys who are gonna have to step up tonight of david west is out to david west is he has won the resting tonight so no david west no andre gallinot shaun livingston you're gonna have to get into some different in obviously know jordan bella the ankle still so you're talking about looney off the bench possibly mcgee off the bench nick young is gonna have to step up cook is actually gonna have to play in this game get some give you some backup point guard minutes so all the starters were the are than or the normal five the backups or canas he's gonna have to mess with some of the uh the rotations woo hoo we never has to do and care high when the kings i'm sorry kings but their plan the king's if they were missing those guys against the top team tailored say okay that might be that might be some who look at tonight they have more more than enough horsepower to get this done tonight is going to be about concentration level that's all it's going to be about i ate a against is always a scenario were your concentrations high you get good shots will you miss them but it is it it look they'd there they're like a thirteen point road favorite for a reason yet their own way better than the king's way better i don't care who is resting while annoyed do if you were to tell me durant staff draymond klay arresting resting than they okay world than the.

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