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Production of iheartradio. Good, morning, this is Laura. Welcome to the before breakfast podcast. Today's tip is about how to enjoy social media responsibly. Without losing hours down rabbit holes that you didn't mean to jump into. Every year new surveys point out how much time people spend on social media and messaging platforms. One recent report claimed that among people who do use the Internet. The average was one, hundred, forty, two minutes per day or two hours and twenty two minutes. This is quite a bit of time. Just. For comparison's sake if you use that time to read Warren piece, instead you'd be done in less than two weeks and it's not a short book. Of course, this time isn't all wasted. Some is sure but the amount of time we spend on social media is complicated by the reality that these days many people do need to be plugged in as part of their jobs. Maybe they do digital marketing or communications, or they worked for policy groups that need to be aware of the news cycle plus plenty of us want to know what people in our industries are talking about. These are absolutely legitimate uses of work time and preclude swearing social media completely. The problem is that you might go on twitter to check what a client's competitor is talking about, and then all of a sudden you're watching cat videos. People who use social media professionally are no more immune to this than the rest of us. So I've been talking lately with people who do use social media professionally about how they manage their time. How do they focus on the necessary parts of social media while skipping the rest? What can the rest of US learn from them? The first tip. Recognized that social media like email can fill in cracks of time around other things. You can check headlines twitter or your competitors youtube videos in chunks of ten minutes or less. But you probably won't write NOP ED or press release or give your direct report thoughtful critique of her proposed strategy in ten minutes. So, build your daily schedule around You might aim to work on big stuff for forty five minutes, and then you could spend a few minutes on social channels. Second put some intention into those social media breaks. People who do this professionally take time to curate lists of accounts that they find worth following. Yes, there's always the possibility of serendipitous gold, but you have to scroll through a lot of stuff to get there and it might not be worth the time. In any case if you follow a diverse group of thoughtful people in your industry or in your area of interests, you will see pretty much anything that's being discussed. The nature of social media is that you can rely on other people to do the searching for you. I'd add that unless you do have a really good professional reason it's not worth following any accounts that tend to upset you. Thoughtful disagreements are fine. But drama and personal attacks aren't worth mental space focus on quality. Third and just as important you also need to identify an end of the social media skirling cycle. Many of us keep going until we realized that we've just kept going or something interrupts us people who do this professionally might decide to look at a specific group of ten accounts during a check at the end of that cycle they move on. If you have a really difficult time setting an end like this well, then set a timer. Well I don't recommend snoozing in the morning when you're trying to get out of bed using a nine minute timer for social media breaks could be smart. Think of it as using the snooze function on your phone for good. Finally the best way to keep social media and check is to be more proactive about your leisure time. Cal Newport's book. Digital minimalism has a longer discussion of this if you'd like to check that out. It turns out that breaks at work are one thing but the biggest social media benches tend to happen at other times namely at night after the kids have gone to bed or when you're hanging out around the house on the weekends when you don't have ideas about what else you'd like to do with yourself. Social media is a very easy option. You don't have to dress up and you don't have to hire a babysitter. But there are plenty of more rewarding ways to spend this time. Consider various forms of low energy analog fun like doing jigsaw, Puzzles Crossword, puzzles coloring an adult coloring books are doing craft such as cross-stitching or knitting or reading. I. Know that when I'm really into a good book, I spent a lot less time on instagram. When I don't have a good book. Well, that's when I actually get that sad message that I'm all caught up which is probably not a noteworthy achievement. What do you to to.

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