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Where maybe she can get her life back together. And then it just slowly progressively gets the last. I guess twenty minutes of the film. I was just my mouth was on the floor. The drops only god patrick. When that's what really makes it started reading reviews of it you know. The actual reviews online reduce. They were all saying the same thing. Nothing happens for the whole movie and then it all happens in the last ten minutes and we all know what was going to happen anyway. So it's not the point point. No journey cara. Yeah you know. It's not going to end well. But that's actually what i think. The last girl standing exclamation point musical. Yeah can you imagine god as an opera opera man take a face cage. There have been worse ideas for musicals. I think this one could sing. Maybe not yeah. There's so much they do a lot with not much even like some of the stuff in opening scene is great like asylum dead bodies. They'll find that. Just extras whatever. The connotation is really quite intense A little bit that you get because you're literally dropped into end another movie right. Yeah yeah and what. I think is interesting about her. Is that yes the survivor grow. She's not a warrior no by accident. Yeah right and that's part of the guilt. She's like the things she keeps saying homeys. I couldn't save him. Yeah but my friends didn't survive whenever something right but you're okay you're still in my friends aren't coming from an era where everybody i you know who mentor and made. They're all gone all of them. Yeah and it's something. That's why me and then what i was getting. Okay since we brought it up. Not just that. I got sick with this thing. This thing like i was. It was turning my brain to pudding like i said i was in a i. I was gone for three months. I went to bed one night. Woke up in the hospital. The next day it was three months later. I thought it was the next morning But the road to getting from that point to where i am now took a really long time and was just why am i even bothering. Why am i bothering. If everybody keeps telling me. I'm going to die. Why not don't wanna getting better if everybody looks at me like that all the time when you run into an old friend who already come to terms with you not being around anymore and you don't wanna see me. I make you uncomfortable. I get i get out of here. Anderson symbolic this girl cameron is living a life. That's not a life survived..

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