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Short for the last time. With their quarterback comfortable going over to Denver baby fever or graphic. Well. I'm going to let you go because you've got a lot of interference on your line there. But I'm comfortable letting him go anywhere. I I mean, I'd rather not have them in the NFC east. But if you know if the compensation is better is significantly better from the Redskins and anybody else I would make that deal because you got to go into this. You know? I mean it would. Probably be awkward when you know when you play. Well, you know when you play them twice a year. But you know, you build a team if you could save you build a team to be the best team possible. You don't worry about who's. I mean know Teo was in the division. And I remember that was the big thing. How the eagles gonna ever slowdown te'o. Donovan was in the division. I don't know. I I would take I would have no problem. Making a trade with Denver if the compensation was good. I mean Denver has had what to good quarterbacks in our history. Writing elway. And and Peyton. I guess Tibo is pretty good. He had that one. Good pass. I would do. I would I would to me. It's all about the compensation. I think there's you know, there's not all that many teams that are going to be looking for a quarterback. And honestly, I it's tough because you know, if I'm a GM I want to draft that guy. So you got to be a team that you feel like, you know, we're kind we we have a team that can compete for something right now. You know, where where you're not going to draft a guy who might take a couple of years to develop. So you know, you you want. Now, if you're a team that was nine and seven or eight nee you can make more of a case for going out. And get a veteran quarterback is really it's so hard to tell because this is this is uncharted waters. Is situations. Never happened before. In so many ways in so many levels. So it's it's really hard to figure out exactly what's going to happen. And what is value is that? That's my biggest question. What the heck is. This guy's value. Saint Vincent in Springfield vents here on ninety four w I p was up a roommate. Dawn doing great. How are you? Good. I'll give you my Super Bowl stories. We know for that was a very easy to plan because we we booked the trip to business, and you know, we just figured, hey, if the eagles make it great. We'll get tickets drive up Jacksonville. No big deal that worked out easy last year. You know, you know, the story it was game by game who knew what was going to happen. So we plant absolutely nothing. The minute. They won the NFC championship game. My son started handing me, I'm like, you know, there's just no way we're to be able to do this Minnesota the fly everything for two weeks. Kid was you know, he's thirty years old. All right. We it was on. My back texted me every five minutes I contain VIN. We just can't do it. There's just no easy way for us to get there. No fly. I said, I'm not driving. He was he was doing every which way. Eleven o'clock Saturday night, no way. Okay. All right. Route crew story eleven o'clock Saturday night my phone beeps. It's my son. He's dad southwest just opened up a whole slew of flights. Oh, I jump up. I go to my PC shorn off all these flights opened up on south west. I get him on the phone. I'm like, all right. I go. We we gotta find how we gotta get Iraq car. You know, we gotta get came tickets style. I start looking on Expedia. I find I think I literally found I found a flight from Minnesota to Orlando coming home that left at six AM and a flight from Orlando to Philly that left at seven o'clock that night. We book that we booked a six o'clock AM flight to Minnesota on south west. So by now, it's after midnight by now right after midnight. My wife's going what are you doing? What are you don't worry about it? I get the game tickets on stop hub. I I get Iraq car for sixty nine bucks. What were the tickets? Right. I gotta run a corner window for thirty nine bucks. And I and we I think we literally got the last room and Minnesota was like a motel six one hundred nineteen bucks. Like forty five minutes outside of Minnesota. Right. It all worked out great. Not only. Did we get to see the Super Bowl we flew into Orlando? We have Disney annual pass holder tickets. We saw Nick in the parade. Wow. We walk into the magic kingdom. We had our Super Bowl champion shirks on people were clamoring running up where did you did? We just got in from Minnesota people couldn't believe that. They were taking pictures with us eagle chance everywhere. It was the most unbelievable. Of course, when they won we both broke down. And just cried. I you know, it was I helped them I and I said before the game. I teach you know, if they lose this game. There's a lot of money. It's got killing me. But I'll tell you to this day. I said to him all year was the best thing you've ever talked me into because what we had and that twenty four hours just the whole experience from flying getting there to go into the magic kingdom seeing Nick. And then of course, the parade. We went to we were at the draft just that whole that whole spam. I I'm fifty eight years old, and I can't tell you how much that time with my son, and I experienced back to me and to pull off what we pulled off at the last minute. We just unbelievable. I still pitch myself saying that we did we actually pull it off. And we did tremendous. That's great story. It was great Rupe? Share? I love it south. Thanks so much for calling. All right, Vince. I I wonder how does he how does he tell us wife? Yeah. We're just gonna run out. It's three thirty in the morning. Yeah. We'll we'll be back back tomorrow morning. Don't ask. That's that's tremendous. Yeah. I love that kind of stuff and. I've done things like that. Not not that extreme not not definitely not close to that extreme. But yeah, there's something there's something about sports where you know, you're sitting there at eleven o'clock tonight. Like, how can we how can we get to this game? What can we do? How can we figure this thing out? You know, and you got like ten browsers open. You look at hotels and rental cars at flights and shrimp. And then somebody's always like, hey, maybe take a bolt bus. It's twenty eight hours. There's there's always a way I love that stuff starts to tone in conshohocken town. Hey, totally agree with you on the air down thing over chant Bailey, come on. That's a no brainer. No-brainer? My only issue with the hall of fame is just like you. Sometimes I followed me the choices they make professional partners this. I was curious from a scholarly standpoint. How do you compare full and went 'cause I know from your standpoint, it's a clear easy. No brainer. How would I how would I if you're saying like so for you? It's no brainer. And you're saying is clearly better. Why is he better is it just because of the throwing power and the ability. Well, I mean, I think it's everything I just think he's you know, he's built for the long haul. He's you know, he he's just incredibly talented. He's accurate. He's consistent. Okay. He's creative. He's tough. He's inventive. He's you know, he can move. I mean, he's he's got the whole package. Yeah. So do you think he's tougher and more accurate than full? I mean, I think over the long haul. He's the better quarterback. So you think projection wise, he will be better in those like, I guess what I'm asking us right now today. Do you think he's a more accurate passer and make better decisions than they calls? I mean, I think that over the long haul. He has. Yeah. Career. Projection is no, no. I mean, if you look I mean, I see you're putting me in a position where you want me to you know, to be disparaging the Nick foles, and I I really don't wanna do that. All I think I think that it's clear that you know, that Carson is the better long range project, and Nick, and I love Nick. And you know, and I I hope he does really well, but when you look at Carson's ability in his his consistency and has his skill set. I mean, you know, it's like you look at Knicks. Knicks postseason that he supposedly had this incredible post-season he had four interceptions. We got like. Eleven interceptions. The last two years. I mean, it's like, you know, Nick throws picks. Carson accurate. Carson. Knicks high so far in his career have been incredibly high higher than you know, he's just had some really high highs. But when you're looking at building a team, you know, and who you want to build around to me it's Carson, and it's it's not close. And I love dick. And I appreciate everything. He's done here. But. The bottom line is when I look at the two of them and their futures. I'll I'll I'll take Carson. This is brother Scott in Barrington. What's up brother, Scott? What's going on? How you doing? Good long time. Let's see. I enjoy listening to you. Now. Thank you, your sports. Now, the -bility. Picks up the Phillies about stay away from them, but Sixers and eagles scarf at brother ru bomb. Man. But I just looked at her brother Reuben. I just still shake my head that last caller kudos to him and his son. He pulled it off. I guess the way that we're just going to step out for a couple of hours, but great story. But I guess I to mix my most memorable moment wasn't like that. But the play was of course, laugh people say the Brandon Brandon Graham trick chat. Mine is when they tried to really special the patriots. And I knew we had 'em Tom Brady dropped the ball. And I saw the coach coaching the lines. Now, I read his lips. I can't say it on the radio. But I just kinda new one we played it them, especially when they tried our own playing the great Tom Brady trap. Go moving ahead, brother rubes. I know chef nerve reported a third round pick this best gotta be impossible. I know you'll have more source than I ever will. But you you look at the thief. Sam Bradford I think one of the four for him. Well, I was a little confusing. I I'm not gonna speak for Adam. I think I think what he probably was trying to say because nobody ever goes into trade trying to get a third round pick, you go into a trade trying to get the most, you know, whatever you can possibly get you. You don't go in trying to get third round pick you go insane. Now, let's get the most we can. And if somebody offered if the best offer, you get is a three, you know, then you take it. So the whole thing was kind of odd. I I'm not sure exactly. Exactly what that meant. But I think maybe he met at a minimum. I mean, if you don't think you can get a three and a trade, then you're gonna franchise him. And are you going to let them go as a free agent and get the compensatory pick which would be a three. So you know, based on what he's done up to this point. So they have to think they're going to get a three or better in this year's draft is supposed to next year's draft. Okay. Yeah. 'cause I definitely wanna see when our division. We already know what he brings the table especially in close moments. But would you? Jacksonville brother for forte. But Andrew, I would maybe maybe what you made me do it for Patrick Ramsey. I know we could use Ramsey not Patrick grabs. You don't grams e outside that always this is Dave. Jalen ramsey. Maybe. Step Redskins quarterback. Nah. Nah. I'm sorry. Jalen Ramsey, would you maybe door for journaling? Pick. I still I'd be surprised if if Jacksonville trades him. But I think a lot of those rumors are things that never really happened. I I think I think they're gonna end up getting picks more than a player. I think that's what how he wants. I think they want pics. If you have the luxury of getting a certainly an all pro tight player at the at the peak of his career, you do it. But I I don't think that's a a given the most likely most likely way, I think it'll I think it'll end up being picks. Okay. Thanks for that answer brother last. But not least with the Sixers. I wanna surprise tonight. Beating Golden State, man. I was at work anybody. Listen knows where I work at how was kind of a break. But just listen to it on airbox and just seeing the highlights with just incredible brother group. But I know how many peace do you think they may add one or two to get them out, brother? Listen to answer, much peace. God bless all. Right. Thanks, scott. How many pieces will they add overall? I'm not I didn't get the question. But I mean, I think the eagles, you know, every year you're going to turn over, you know. A quarter to a thirty year roster. That's just the reality of of the NFL. Chris long has been named the two thousand eighteen Walter Payton man of the year, one of the most prestigious honors is really an incredible honor. And it's so richly deserved. And I'm just so happy for him. He got the award tonight at the NFL honors banquet down in Atlanta at the FOX theater. The Chris long foundation gets two hundred fifty thousand dollar donation..

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