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Podcast hosted by youth climate activists. JP Mahia and Gaby Rodriguez and presented in partnership with the Cleo Institute and Unicorn Fire Radio. We're talking climate change from the frontlines of the crisis Miami with the generation who has the most at stake in their first episode JP and Gabby talked to the CO founder of zero hour. Jamie Margolin about how generation Z. is taking up the mantle for action on global warming what it means for the near future. The first four episodes are up on June fifth with more to come every other week, so be sure to subscribe rate and review now. Meanwhile over on awesome movie year. Jason Harrison Josh Bell are reviewing the year in film nineteen ninety-six including swingers welcome to the dollhouse follow rocket Independence Day in more. They've got some awesome bonus content. They'll be releasing later this month, but you need to subscribe to find out what it is and over on those and Paulo are getting deep into the world of language rights, and how parents can push for better bilingual. Bilingual programs in their communities, so check it out by subscribing today all right. I hope you enjoyed that conversation about southland tales. It was a fun one to do and thanks Joe Black for joining me again on the show. You should go check out his fundraiser that he's got going on right now. For his BLU ray reissues of all of his films I'll put a link in the show notes for that. and. That does it for today you can, of course support the show by following us on social media at Piecing pod. Join our facebook group, popcorn puzzle pieces, or just you know, subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts, you can review us on apple podcasts or Pod Chaser, and we also have the Patriots where you may have already heard this episode, because it's been up for a couple of weeks now. Now since we first recorded it, we usually post the episodes early on there. And then they hit the main feed. So if you're hearing on the main feed, then it's on the main feed, but a Lotta these episodes to go over on the page on, and we are planning on recording a whole bunch of other bonus content for that Patriots soon as well as some special exclusive music stuff that I'm planning on putting. Putting out there soon as well so check out the patriots slash piecing pod to you know, maybe throw some support that way as well and if you're ever interested in joining me for an episode, we've got a lot of movies coming up that we're hoping to cover and always looking for new co hosts, and you know also. We got a lot of episodes on the way by the way we've got a couple of special. Special interview episodes hitting in the next couple of weeks, a couple of other kinds of special episodes special middle of the year countdown kind of thing, even though it's been really weird year, and of course just covering more new movies, some of the stuff that's been hitting streaming and that stuff so lots. Come in your away, so let's close this thing out. This is a long one over our ten minutes already cheese. Let's close this thing over the piece of music as we always do, and I think it's been a while since I played this one. If I've ever played it I probably did at some point, but this was the title track from my last album. My last regular full length album, different kind of dream is called a different kind of dream I. Love this track. It's a weird one and so I think that makes it a good fit for southland tales, so let's close it out with a different kind of dream. This album is available in Itunes spotify wherever you listen to music, and we'll be back with more piecing it together coming up.

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