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Northbound seventy five heavy out of Erlanger to the Brent, Spence you're going to eat an extra seven to ten minutes there if you're coming out of Florence. There's a wreck unready near east Kemper in the late of outside of Newtown on round bottom at broadwool Chuck Ingram. Newsradio seven hundred w w. Forecast. Nice day today, sunshine and right around eighty for a high tonight things begin to change clouds move in pick up a chance of rain slight. But fifty eight is the overnight low tomorrow. Chance Brannigan otherwise a cloudy day with a high of eighty and then on Thursdays. The good chance of rain, showers and storms pretty much. A sure thing for Thursday, seventy five is Thursday's high, and it's nice and cool out there right now. It's fifty six seven hundred w l w seven hundred wwl sports. Here's a reds. The reds will kick off a six game west coast road trip that I'm of the first three up against the as an Oakland seven hundred w w coverage begins with Lancet sportstalk at six o five mulch. America insight pitch at nine five. Tyler Molly goes for the reds tonight. Does he like inter-league play? Oh, yeah. I also like I like hitting too. But. But no, it's it's it's different. You know? Nine about that coming on everything out there and just go out and just have to worry about pitching to worry about. Hidden and stuff. So it's different. But but yeah, I like resonates made for the first time since a series win in Cincinnati in two thousand sixteen at great American ballpark. Oakland sits last in the AL west Carley with a record of fifteen and twenty one Chris Davis of the as stars were the team of ten homers and twenty three RBI so far this season. College sports Thomas moral host a regional this weekend in the NCWA division three softball tournament. College basketball. Cincinnati native Mike Nienaber is the new head coach at delta state need abor spent the last twenty years at Christian brothers university and Memphis amassing three hundred and fifty one wins with the bucks at H L hockey to corral with thirty nine say's between the pipes as Boston Columbus last three nothing. Bruins win that e semi-final series in six games over the blue jackets coach John Tortorella one guy led. The Bruins took off me. He's a big reason. I mean, we we have some opportunities, but wres- to took off a rela making his comments on Fox Sports, Ohio. Boston advances to face Carolina in the east final build, Edison. Seven hundred w w. Sports. What have we got seven twenty four at seven hundred w j rat live here in just a bit. But in Russia there more than little hacked people in the burning plane who took the time to grab their luggage before they got off.

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