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Scientology since l ron hubbard seth in 1980 sex in his rise to power in the first person they interviewed was this thirty two year old scientology thirty two years scientologists he's probably in his fifties pain jb bruce who laugh after the scientology in 2010 but he was our un's hubbard's personal driver like in the late seventies eighties and later a right hand man dimissed coversion who and he just said i saw him dismantling taking everyone who had been around l ron hubbard including including how ron hubbard sister and how he was getting them out of the heart of power said he could be the only one and he he also talked about shelly missed conversion aware we shall not been seen in public since two thousand and five and also about the a whole and he helped like come up with the design of that in how of course the church says it doesn't exist and which the whole where you and people four infraction been up high who have to go in like his do menial work and never be heard from and it's nice spanned did in complete darkness he's the one who put the is so is the guy who put the bars on the doors of the whole block the windows from ever being able to open he said i was like the security i did everything i was the driver yelm this give azure l ron hubbard they would tell me what to do and he.

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