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I, it's a very interesting time of you can own a council and have this weird minimal investment that gives you a wealth of games whether on XBox it is game pass, right, where there's hundreds of games free to jump in and play. It will, but it is that idea of the Trojan horse gateway drug of getting somebody through the door the first time because they love one thing, and I've seen that work a bunch of times. Right. Like I'll never forget when my mom told me after playing thanksgiving, twenty eight sixteen no, Jesus two thousand six after playing the week for the first time. Right of I'd really like one of these, what you wanna current generation video game console. You've never ever said anything like that, but bowling was enough, and then she. You know, you saw the attach rate climb up and granted we was a different experience, but in a lotta ways, so can is the switch in a lot of ways. So are the other things especially when you get down to, if for some reason they're getting hooked on PlayStation. They're watching you play, got or Spiderman for night there. The idea that will now it's your media centered. Has your net flicks? Has your Hulu has all these different things. It's about trying to explain the wealth of abilities. It's tough particularly in this day and age because there's a whole generation of people who are built in with his expectation. That content is free. This YouTube era streaming music, twitch streaming this idea that you can get easy access to works of media without having a price that is setting unfortunate precedent that you shouldn't have to pay for things, you know. And that's unfortunate for variety of reasons that I don't need to explain here is pretty obvious, but I would hope that somebody who enjoyed her experience doing something would understand. And like it's going to cost something. Sometimes when I kind of bulk at a price, if I see something and get the sticker shock all, think about how many drinks at a bar I would buy oil about like, oh dinner that I spent the exact same amount of money on dinner worth more than this thing that I'm going to get x. amount of hours of enjoyment out of talking to somebody who wants to gain but doesn't game. I think movies are always a great Annalong. All right. Well, how much do you spend when you go to the movies to play to watch to watch a movie right? Where it's like, you're tickets, twelve dollars, right? You're with somebody else. That's twelve dollars. You had the gas or you had this. You had food drink. When you got there, you went to think about what that experience of four hours cost you versus what this game that's going to be. If it's fortnight unlimited or however long you think you'll play, but like you know, a story campaign of thirty hours or something like that. That's where it really adds up like, well, no, this is a good investment of time getting out of the right, exactly. We solved it. There you go. What's going on over here. Number number space time, Dave who hasn't written in a while to see space time, Dave, right? Seeing the kind of funny dot com slash KF GD and says, happy Friday, Gregory Andrea..

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