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40 Ryan Seacrest, never 31 Canyon again. Just tell me what to do, and I get it. But you're making everything. No, no, no. See, crazy E. I could tell you liked Rada. Put it down everything. Yeah. You mean when they find out which one you want to do it? She don't leave today. You'll get down. You must have put it down right down. I could put you on a flight. Everything you know about Chris Brown Young Doug go crazy 31 Alright code and Gray said that he never expected his song Heather to be a big success. But the bigger surprise is the song actually inspired a new slang term, according to Urban Dictionary. A Heather is someone everybody likes, But specifically, it's someone that your crush is in love with instead of you. Here's the song that coined the term Heather Conan Gray. It's in our 80 40 on the verge spot. Remember December Did you only if you know how much I like you, But I watched you die. But she got you. Just yesterday. She stands with her home. But you are I'm getting under. How could I hate her? She said Angel, But then again, she, uh she wass She's got you guys. You, uh, kiss me. I'm not. You gave her your sweat her It's just polyester you like that is called Heather Conan Gray. Almost on the chart. 80 40 on the verge this week coming up next Claire Crawley is the bachelorette or Wass. How does it all go Find out. We'll talk to him. A little bit continues next..

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