Benny Johnson Weighs in on the Left 'Getting Rid of Hurricanes'


Benny, I don't know if you heard this or not, but Democrats are now running on the promise that if we elect them in November, they're going to get rid of hurricanes. Amy Klobuchar cut 66. The snow woman herself says, you put Democrats in power, we're going to get rid of hurricanes. Play cut 66. We just did something about climate change for the first time in decades. That's why we've got to win this as that hurricane bears down on Florida. We got to win in the midterms. We understand that we got to win Benny because Democrats will make hurricanes go away. Yeah, so you had a segment so seconds ago you were talking about someone who emailed you and said that, you know, people in Russia are now believing in God. Man, nothing will make you believe in God more than a witnessing this, this kind of a storm. And the kind of the magnitude of nature itself, it really does make you feel small in comparison. It is something that has been happening forever here. Every one of my neighbors is flipped through tons of hurricanes. Obviously, this is something that normally happens in Florida. It hasn't hit Tampa in quite a while, but these people are simply hedonists, right? They don't believe in God. So they believe that they can control the weather. They say this all the time. Barack Obama says he's going to lower the waters, right? Well, right before he builds his mansions on the right on the water. That's right. Maybe that's because he has the power to lower, but it's just classic hedonism, man. Claiming that we're in charge of nature and that we are God on this earth and, you know, nothing will make you believe in God more than standing in the middle of hurricane.

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