What Is the Waffle House Index?


This is fascinating. So the weather guessers, they rely on the national hurricane center for all their Intel. But it turns out that fema actually checks in with waffle House, they've got this massive system in place. It's called the waffle House index. Ben dieter, I know you're from what Pennsylvania, from the Amish country, a Pennsylvania. That's right. But they have waffle House. So you guys have a waffle House. Do you know what I'm talking about? Yeah. All right, have you been to the waffle House? No. You need to have a gun if you do. You've told me about it. It's always good to be prepared because there's always a fight going down at the waffle House. But the food is delicious. And they had the waffles and the hash browns and the whatnot. I'm blown away in trying to make the link between hurricane Ian and waffles. So here's the deal. Waffle House is open 24/7. It doesn't matter what's happening. 24/7. So they've got an index, and this is somewhat an informal metric, but the company uses this to figure out how bad things are in that community. So for example, if the storm comes and waffle House is serving their full menu, that means typically there's no or little damage and they've got full power. So that's green. So that's green. Next on the waffle House index is yellow. That means you may not be able to get, you know, the sausage patties, or the bacon, or the toast. They don't have biscuits at waffle House. I never could understand that, but they got toast. That means that maybe the powers a little spotty, there are some outages, and they may not have a lot of food supplies. That's yellow. Now red is the apocalypse. That means the waffle House is completely closed. And a fema says that they actually use this to determine how bad the situation is in a town. So

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