Edward Snowden Granted Russian Citizenship


Ask you. News as of two days ago that the former KGB colonel in the Kremlin has provided Russian citizenship to Snowden. Your reaction, uncle Jim. Bye, Felicia. Why do we even care? That's the nice thing. I'm glad he's there. He's a traitor. That's what I want. People want to pardon him. He's a traitor who's dumped information. He didn't have any knowledge about was not vetted. He and Assange both and all of it. They didn't, they didn't blow a single whistle on a single crime. So this is the issue for me. If you see and look, we know bad stuff happened, right? NSA DIA, we know. The data farms and everything else. But if you've got an issue, it's like the FBI whistleblower we had on my show yesterday, Carl serf. You use the tools available. You don't go to communist China with the hard drives and then to Moscow if you believe in America, do you Jim, because that's what Snowden did. You think the Chinese might have copied that hard drive. I think maybe they got that before everyone else. And then you think Russia had it. And all of that, there was no way it would have taken hundreds of analysts a month or two just to figure out what was on there. And they just dumped it on the Internet so that all our enemies could read it. It may or may not have gotten anybody killed, but that's not how it works. We have inspectors general. We have whistleblower protections. And if you have an actual crime, which they didn't, then you have ways to do that. I hope he I hope he dies in Russia and never sees the shores of this country again. Unless he's in chains. And

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