Tom Weiler Talks Military Service, MN House Seat


People need to know story. You are a submariner. Would you tell people your service? Because I got to talk to you about Putin's threat last night because all of a sudden, every submarine or under the water all over the world is on alert. Yes, sir. And real quick, if people want to vote for Wheeler or wyler, I'll take votes for both. But yes, I was a submariner for 20 years. All things equal, I thought I'd still be driving submarines, you know, in the South China Sea or the Mediterranean, but I got a medical curveball with Parkinson's a few years back. But no, the submarine community is definitely, it's a different world this morning than it was last night. And that's unfortunate, but sort of a series of unforced errors here. I think by the Biden administration has contributed to where we are with the crises in Ukraine. Clearly, mister Putin is ultimately responsible for the tragedy occurring right there. The current war and we do need smart pragmatic commonsense leadership to bring this crisis to a resolution and stop the bloodshed.

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