Sen. Marsha Blackburn Discusses Widespread FBI Corruption


Few days, you've seen reports of more than one whistleblower from inside the FBI and the DoJ. I'm confessing to the fact that conservatives are being targeted inside the bureau and outside the bureau, how worried should the average citizen be that these agencies have now become enforcement arms of the Democrat party in the Biden administration? Well, what you have to look at is as I told him today when I opened my remarks, Tennessee has come to me all the time. And they feel like there's two systems of justice, two different tiers. And the FBI will go after parents who show up to the school board meeting. And if you listen to the testimony and the response he gave us today, you will notice he didn't always use the term investigate. They like to say they are not investigating parents. What he did use was to talk about auditing assessing and then investigating. So it appears that they are net can be cast wider if they're auditing or assessing an individual or a situation without opening a full investigation. So these are all things that we were supposed to have him for two grams of questioning. We ended up just having one round of questioning because he said he had a plane to catch. So we're having to submit for answers and get those answers in writing.

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