My Honest Thoughts on Alex Jones


Alex Jones has been in the news recently. Alex Jones is the founder of InfoWars. He has been smeared by every possible outlet imaginable as being an unfounded conspiracy theorist. Now let me tell you the first exposure I had to Alex Jones. When I was in third or fourth grade, there were these YouTube videos that would be circulating of Alex Jones sneaking into globalist confabs. Remember these videos, Connor, we'd be going up. You're globalist. It was like, wow. Who is this guy? And he had, he had all sorts of, let's say, energy and commitment to exposing what was happening around the world. And so look, Alex, I don't know him personally. I've met him once. He was actually super sweet when I met him. He's not right, a lot of the time. He's also not wrong a lot of the time. Sometimes he allows his passion to carry him into a direction that I think he regrets, but let's be very honest, and this is the one thing I think that people get deeply wrong about Alex Jones. Is that Alex Jones was totally right about Jeffrey Epstein and everyone tried to smear him for it. He just was. He was the only person that was talking about Jeffrey Epstein. He was the only person that was talking about the Lolita express, and now that's all just kind of fact that has now been memory hold. And so look, Alex, you never know what you're gonna get. But he's also an entertainer. You must understand that. Part of his whole shtick is to make it fun and to push boundaries. If there was someone said something to me from Europe and you know what they said, they said, Alex Jones is a uniquely American figure. So what do you mean by that? They said, without a First Amendment, you don't get anyone anywhere close to Alex Jones. I found that to be really interesting. Is that it comes with the bombast that comes with the bravado, but also it comes at sometimes at a deep revelation of truth.

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