Ship carrying grain from Ukraine arrives in Istanbul


The captain of the first grain ship to arrive out of Ukraine under an international agreement spoke to reporters at the dock in turkey Ahmet Eugene Ali Baylor is the man at the helm of the polar net of Turkish flagship that em loaded cargo at the Ukrainian port of chana Moors before the Russian invasion in February He says this sad incident happened war broke out in the port was under blockade by the Ukrainian military They were finally able to leave on Friday forming a convoy with two other ships in a harbor guide near Odessa then followed a predetermined 17 leg route through dangerous corridors that had been cleared and deemed The latitudes longitudes and positions were provided by the joint coordination center They arrived at the Turkish port of Dorinda today with the 12,000 ton load of grain The first of a dozen ships authorized to sail under the deal between Ukraine and Russia brokered by turkey and the United Nations I'm Jennifer King

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